Film review: 27 dresses

Film review: 27 dresses



“27 dresses” is a story about a woman who likes weddings since she is child. Her name is Jane, she likes to organize her friends’ wedding but she is always a bridesmaid. She is single, not very happy in her own life and always takes care of others instead of her life.

One night, she assists at two weddings in the same time and she meets Kevin Doyle, a writer.

After the wedding Kevin escorts Jane to her flat, however she forgets her diary in the taxi.

He wants to give it back but by opening it he realizes that this woman has a surprising life, she organizes and assists at weddings all the time.

He wants to learn more about her…


–          Jane (Katherine Heigl): She is touching, too much helpful. She likes weddings; wedding dresses, wedding cakes, precious tissues… She is organized and an efficient wedding planner.

–          Kevin Doyle (James Marsden): At the beginning, he is a social climber, he wants to evolve in his career by using Jane but finally he realized that she is a good person and he feels bad. He is handsome.

–          Tess (Malin Akerman): She looks like a spoiled child who has all what she wants. She is beautiful and disrespectful. We understood at the end, that she did not have all she wants; she lost her job and does not find love.

–          Dad (Brian Kerwin): He loves his daughters and wants their happiness.

–          George (Edward Burns): He is a good person, he believes Tess instead she was lying during all their relationship.

My opinion

I liked the movie because this is a girl movie, about romance and love story. However, the end was obvious. It was interesting because I saw different wedding themes like Chinese wedding, Hard rock, Indian, Classic, Underwater weddings…

This movie was a good example to plan a wedding because several parts of the wedding organization was presented, guests list, wedding cake, choice’s venue, wedding dress…

To conclude, this movie was a good illustration of the Wedding Planning class.


The music was suitable during the entire movie. I appreciated the voice-off which illustrated Jane’s thoughts.

The story was simple but pleasant. I spent a good time by watching it. I put 4* for “27 dresses” movie.

Written by Marion Dechavanne


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