Film review: Runaway Bride

Film review: Runaway Bride

 Runaway Bride

Movie Release:                        1997

Main actors:                            Richard Gere, Julia Roberts

Runaway Bride is one of the most romantic wedding movies ever made. It is a story about columnist Ike Graham (Richard Gere) and a small town girl Maggie Carpenter (Julia Roberts). Mr Graham is a columnist from a New York City, who writes columns about the love stories of persons he meets in bars and restaurants. One day he meets a guy, who tells a story of a Runaway Bride Maggie Carpenter. Mrs Carpenter is a young woman working in her father’s workshop in small village of Hale. She has been Graham writes a story about her based on this person story and Maggie reacts by getting him fired from his job. To find out the truth about her Mr Graham drives to small village and gets to know her friends and family.

The storyline in the movie never gets boring. Both of the characters are very interesting and it makes you want to see what happens next to them. The film is not only romantic, but it is also a funny movie, which makes the movie very enjoyable and relaxing. The movie is also a good example of being scared to get married without a right reason, because in the movie Mrs Carpenter has tried to get married a few times before but always ran away.

Richard Gere and Julia Roberts are both very good in their roles in the movie. Gere’s character is very funny, charming and good mannered guy, who is loved by everybody around him. Roberts’ character is on other hand bit more arrogant, shy and scared of weddings.

I would recommend this movie to everybody to watch, because even though you would not be fan of romantic movies, this movie does not let you down.

Movie rating: *****

Written by Joni Holmberg


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