I Do (But I Don’t)

I Do (But I Don’t)


I Do (But I Don’t) is an American movie from 2004 that is a made-for-television romantic comedy starring Denise Richards and Dean Cain.

Lauren Crandell (Richards) is a junior wedding planner who is assigned to plan the wedding of Carla Tedanski, daughter of the sausage king. Laurens boss promises her a promotion if she does excellent job with the wedding. On one wedding the junior wedding planner meets Nick (Cain), a tall, dark and handsome fire fighter who comes to rescue a groom in trouble and it’s quite obvious that both Lauren and Nick find each other attractive. But then it turns out that Nick is marrying Carla, the bride whose wedding Lauren is supposed to plan in hope of a promotion. Of course something like this had to happen because otherwise the movie would be too simple and predictable.

I think this movie is great for those who want to be wedding planners as it gives a somehow good image of what it is to be a wedding planner. Like Lauren states, the wedding planner is responsible that everything goes well on the big day and it’s the wedding planner’s job to take care of the problems before the bride even notices them. And we can see Lauren changing a flat tire or making last minute changes to the wedding dress.

In my opinion the actors played their roles well and the chemistry between Richard and Cain was good. It wasn’t so great that you could hope for but it wasn’t too stiff either. The supporting actresses Karen Cliche (Karla Tedanski), Jessica Walter (Lauren’s boss) and Mimi Kuzyk (Lauren’s mom) come off well with their roles. I don’t think that any of the actors did an extraordinary acting.

I would recommend this movie for women who dream about being a wedding planner. Otherwise it’s a good movie for a rainy day when you have nothing else to do. I Do (But I Don’t) is a usual comedy that doesn’t offer many plot twists to the viewer. You can easily watch the movie without paying too much effort on it.

I’ll give 2 stars to the movie because it’s not so bad that it would be worth of only one star but I have seen many wedding related movies that are better than this and that’s why I don’t give 3 stars or more.


Text by Tiia Aho


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