Movie review: Bride wars

Movie review: Bride wars


It is well known fact that all the girls plan their wedding from the very early age. Girls play wedding games and plan their dream wedding. In the movie we follow two girls, Emma and Liv, that have been best friends forever and they have a clear idea the way their wedding will be held and most of all were it will be held, Plaza hotel. The movie starts with both of them getting engaged. The viewer will notice from the very beginning that Liv is very competitive and the more dominating party in their friendship. Emma is very down to earth and a friendly and calm person. Their relationship starts struggling from the moment Emma gets engaged, before Liv. The true issues start when the wedding agency books their weddings at the same date. They decide that other one will change the date but as it is their dream wedding they will not change the date but start the war. Their war is very childish but fairly entertaining for the viewer but even the changing each other’s hair color-trics gets very tiring soon.

Even the plot of the movie is very trite, corny and used. Although the movie is fairly entertaining it is still a very normal chick flick with hardly any surprises. The movie good have been made much deeper and interesting. It has some very good points for a much better movie. The story behind Liv’s parents and their death could have been told better and linked greater to Liv’s behaviour and her personality. It was also interesting to discover the partnership of the bride’s and their husbands especially when the other relationship worked and the other didn’t.


When considering the movie from the wedding perspective there is hardly any focus on actually planning the wedding. We see scenes where they are shopping for rings, wedding gowns etc. The most interesting part is too see how the couples behaviour change when the wedding is to be planned. The focus of the movie is mainly in the relationship between the two main characters.

Even when the movie has some good written parts it still feels as it took the easy way out and didn’t want to go deeper into the characters. Overall the movie is very entertaining with good actresses. It is still missing that special something to make the viewer to fell in love with the movie. It is just another Hollywood production on wedding movies. It offers only very light entertainment and that’s it.

Star rating: 1*/5

Text by Karoliina Pekkala


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