Movie Review: Something Borrowed

Movie Review: Something Borrowed

The movie, based upon Emily Griffin’s eponymous book, was published in 2011. This comical drama is not only about love, but also about friendship, trust and the severe consequences of not fighting for one’s own happiness.

Something Borrowed

Darcy (Kate Hudson) has always been Rachel’s (Ginnifer Goodwin) best friend. However, in a weak moment after the party of Rachel’s 30th birthday, she ends up in bed with Darcy’s fiancé Dex (Colin Egglesfield). What Rachel first calls a big mistake on a drunk night, turns out to be more complicated than she thinks: neither she, nor Dex seem to really regret anything. And they can’t stay apart either. As Rachel realizes, she was always a means to an end for Darcy. Thinking about it, she was on the best way of becoming Dex’s girlfriend many years ago, before Darcy interfered.

Now Rachel stands inbetween her best friend, who always put her own happiness before Rachel’s and the guy she loves. But why doesn’t Dex cancel the wedding and what has Darcy done, when Dex wasn’t there on the 4th of July weekend…? When Rachel’s good friend Ethan (John Krasinski), who was always against Darcy, moves to the UK, she is left alone with her worries. Her pains come to a head when she scratches all her courage together and tells Dex to finally leave Darcy, but he refuses to. Not knowing what to do, she visits Ethan in England, who makes her feel much better. Then she discovers that Darcy is pregnant… .

Something borrowed is a very sweet movie about regrets and mistakes and the choice between love and friendship. Kate Hudson interprets the role of self-centered Darcy quite well. On the other side, there are many scenes when Ginnifer Goodwin’s innocent unawareness of her best friends’ selfishness is unconvincing, if not annoying. The many side characters evoke a smile or two during the movie, acting as a relief of the tense situation. Especially Ethan, who seems to have quite many worries on his own, contributes to a more positive atmosphere in the movie and makes it less tragic.

The idea of the plot is not new, but they are worked out quite originally. The emotional torture of each of the characters makes the movie interesting. However, the way it is presented in the movie is rather modest and by far doesn’t reach the quality of the book. Despite the well-chosen and convincing settings, it is easy to get lost in the plot, when one hasn’t read the book before, since ideas and characters are not carried out all the way through. Also, music and cuts of the movie are discreet and appropriate, but not outraging.

All in all, it adds up to a nice chick flick with an inventive and quite unexpected ending, which is definitely worth-seeing at a girls’ night, but has no favorite-movie potential whatsoever.


Text by Deborah Kutsch


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