The elevator engagement

The elevator engagement

Our couple are an international couple, John from England and a Finnish girl called Kaija. Our couple have been dating for the past two years. They met when they both were studying in Porvoo Campus. The first time they met was when they got stuck in an elevator at the student housing.

Engagement will take place in the summer as it will be warm outside. The event of the proposal will start as Kaija will receive a letter from the old landlord saying that the landlord has misplaced the receipt of the deposit. They will ask Kaija to come and sort the situation out at the student housing. The landlord is living in the fifth floor in the block of flats. As the door of the elevator opens Kaija will realise that the entire elevator is filled with lilies, which are her favourite flowers and pictures of hers and John’s life together from the two years that they have been dating. John will be standing in the elevator in a tuxedo. At this moment John will propose to Kaija. Hopefully Kaija will say yes as John has also asked the current residents living in Kaija’s old apartment if they could borrow their balcony for the evening. In the balcony John has arranged a table with candles, lilies and a home cooked meal. This way they will be able to spent a few more hours remembering where their relationship started.

The idea of the proposal is to honour the place where they first met and take them back in time to that moment and to remember how their relationship came to be. In the elevator the pictures will be a memory lane of their time together.

Text by: Anni Aro and Karoliina Pekkala


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