Theatre Engagement

Theatre Engagement


After watching the movie “The Writer”, we knew that our proposal should be in an old-fashioned setting, so we decided to use a second hand shop and a traditional theatre. We also saw a video, in which a guy made a movie about his relationship for his future-fiancé and liked this idea. So we combined both ideas. The website shown in the references inspired us to create an original engagement proposal.


A Parisian couple. They met each other in an art exhibition and have been living together in a loft for 2 years.

Her name is Clémence, she is 29 years old. She is a painter. She likes art, classic music, goes to museums, goes for a walk in Montmartre, visits second-hand shops, and reads books.

His name is Charles, he is 30 years old. He is an actor as a side job during the weekend. He plays in “Le Petit Théâtre de Paris”.

He is also a writer for theater plays.


The engagement proposal will take place at the day of their anniversary. It is a Friday night.


Charles picks Clémence up from work and they go to “Le Petit Théâtre de Paris”. After the play and the following proposal, they go to a restaurant.


They have been together for 2 years and they plan to have a child. The engagement proposal takes place in “Le Petit Théâtre de Paris”, because it is a theater with a modest size and Charles practices there with his theater cast. Charles chose the restaurant for the quality of its food and the intimate atmosphere. Here, has the opportunity to a book unique menu for his engagement proposal dinner and prepare some surprises.


He wrote the play, and he asks his girlfriend to come with him to “Le Petit Théâtre de Paris“ to see the first performance of his play.

However, they are the only ones in the theater. They sit together but then he tells her that he had to leave in order to talk to someone. So the play starts and the girl is sitting alone. All of the Actors are their friends and her family members. The play begins and she soon notices that it tells their love story.

At the end of the play, he comes from the back of the stage, kneels down and proposes to her. She says yes, and all of the actors begin to sing and dance again. He holds her and they go to a restaurant, where a private room and a special meal are prepared for them. Throughout the whole dinner, Charles surprises her with a violin player, a dessert with a sparkler and romantic decoration.

Text by Marion Dechavanne & Deborah Kutsch


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