Wedding Daze

Wedding Daze

“Wedding daze” is a romantic comedy movie starred by Jason Bigg (as Anderson) and Ilsa Fisher (as Katie). Anderson is a young man who expend one hard year with depression because after propose to his girlfriend (Vanessa) to marry him, she suffer a heart attack and die immediately.

He wants to make the proposal epic and unforgettable but unfortunately for him his girlfriend will be the main actress. After one year depressive helped by his best friend, Ted, one day at a restaurant Anderson propose to marry him to the waitress (Katie) who is attending their table, just like a joke to show to Ted that he is much better, but she accept and begin the wild love history between two absolutely strangers who will be married in the future.

wedding daze 2

At some points the movie has scenes that they are supposed to be funny but actually are more embarrassing than funny. Also I have to comment that not all the jokes take that way, some of them are very funny.

As for actors and actresses, in some place there are overact. Some parts of the movies the actors are forced to overact, for example the main characters just in some jokes, but other characters are overacting the entire movie; like their friends, relatives and also the police mans. If I have to point which is the worst character and more overact is the Katie’s ex-boyfriend, during the entire movie is impossible to find someone like him, the voice, the movements, at some points he looks like a character from Sacha Baron Cohen’s movie.

The scoring this movie gets from is 2.3/5, this movie has not anything special, and it is just a movie to entertain the public, nothing special but a good and crazy end.2.5 stars

Under the wedding planner and management point of view “Wedding daze” is a movie to remind us that the best weddings haven’t to be the biggest ones. Each wedding is for one different couple and how small details make the difference between a wedding and the wedding. Also we can observe the different problems we can find us when we are planning a wedding, like discussion between the couple, the relative don’t accept the groom or the bride, ex-boyfriends or ex-girlfriends and police troubles. Obviously those problems are exaggerated.

Thus I can recommend this movie to everyone if you just want don’t think too much meanwhile you are watching a movie. For me could be a good movie to watch it Sunday evening with your partner.

wedding daze3

Text by Miguel Angel Lozano Brau


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