Movie Review: In Her Shoes

Movie Review: In Her Shoes

In Her Shoes is a story about two sisters who have completely opposite personalities and who are dealing with problems from their past in different ways. The movie is directed by Curtis Hanson. The name of the movie comes from the fact that only thing in common for these sisters is that they have a same shoe size. Rose has a huge closet of shoes but never wears them. Maggie always borrows them without a permission.

In her shoes

The older one, Rose is played by Toni Colette and Cameron Diaz plays the younger sister, Maggie. Rose is a successful lawyer and Maggie is unemployed party girl. The sisters get in to a huge fight after Maggie moves in and messes up Rose’s life. Afer the incident Rose kicks Maggie out.

The sisters’ mother died when they were little and their grandmother had to stay away from the girls because their father didn’t want her around them. Shirley Mclaine plays the grandmother’s role.

Maggie finds old letters from the grandmother, which they have never even received in the first place. She decides to travel to Florida to meet her and ends up staying with her for a while.

This is not solely a wedding movie but there is a wedding and a bridal party as well as an engagement happening in the movie. It is basically about the relationship between two sisters and also the relationship with their family and relatives. This movie is funny and touching at the same time. It deals with real life problems which are pretty realistic. All of the characters play their roles well, especially Toni Colette. Her role is a little bit more deeper than Cameron Diaz’s role. Diaz is a perfect choice for this careless party girl role who deep inside has a lot of insecurities even though she doesn’t let anyone to see it.

in her shoes

In my opinion the role performances give a viewer a very good idea of the characters personalities. Only thing that bothered me was that the movie was a little bit predictable at some parts. However it was still entertaining to watch and I could watch it again. I would give this movie 4 starts out of 5.

Text by Sara Hämäläinen


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