Celebrity Wedding

Celebrity Wedding

Venue for celebrity wedding must be high quality and showy. Ceremony will be held in beautiful church such as Santuario de las Lajas located in Southern Colombia. Celebration will be held in the beautiful plaza, such as The Plaza’s Grand Ballroom in the New York.


Wedding attire

Wedding dress for the bride is the dream come true-style. It will be designed by well-known designer such as Vera Wang. White dress with white crystals in it and beautiful jewelleries added. Groom will also have designed suite, by Louis Vuitton.


 Food and beverages

Food will be made by well-known chef. There will be many different kind of course offered. As drinks there will be expensive champagne and good quality wines served. For those who don’t drink wine there will be cocktail-maker making any kind of cocktails the guests want. For kids there will be iced drinks served. Wedding cake is white coloured big cream cake with marzipan flowers on the top.


Lots of flowers will be used in the decoration. Roses are set on the tables and also white and pink coloured lilies will be used in the decoration. There will be beautiful colourful flower arrangements also used.


Music and entertainment

In celebrity wedding there is a well-known performer performing in the wedding. Events program is a one dance and one music performance. Also famous DJ will play the music all night.



Transportation to the ceremony and reception will be organized for guests by white decorated hummer limousines.



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