French Wedding

French Wedding

Ideal Venue for the ceremony in the French Wedding will be some castle around a beautiful park or for example in the front of the Eiffel tower. If the weather is good and wedding held in the summer the celebration could happen outside doors, otherwise inside of the castle.

Wedding attire

Wedding attire for the bride and the groom will be classical French style. Dress should be high fashion from the good quality fabrics. The colour should definitely be white. Groom’s suite should be classical black coloured.

Food and beverages

Food in the French wedding will be some pasta, different salads, and beef with some potatoes. There should also be many croissants, macaroons, pies and different cakes that are usual in France. As drinks there will be different kind of alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails and different coffees offered as well. Wedding cake will be big and has many details in the decoration. There could be some strawberries in it.

Floral decoration

Flowers will be used a lot in the decoration. They will be in many colours, red, yellow, orange and white for example. Flowers could be for example roses, tulips, daisies.


Music and entertainment

For music there could be used some live music, someone could play guitar for example. There will be a lot of singing and dancing together.


Transportation to the ceremony and from there to the celebration venue will be organized for guests by horse ride. There will be beautiful white horses with the decorated carts waiting for the guests and bride and the groom.


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