Middle Age Wedding

Middle Age Wedding

The ceremony will take place in some historic place such as Suomenlinna in Finland. Ceremony area will be very simple and small. The celebration could take place outside in the summertime. There could be tents for that in historic area.



Groom and the bride will wear simple clothes. Groom could have grey or brown suite and bride some simple but still beautiful white or cream colour dress.


Food will contain some steak of chicken and rice/potatoes and different salads. There could be some salty snacks as well such as bratwurst and chicken wings. Emphasize will be on salty food and cake will be very simple. As beverages there could be wine and beer and non-alcoholic: water and juices.

For decoration there could be used some natural flowers, such as snowdrops or dandelions. Tulips are also very beautiful to use for decoration.

Music and transportation

Music will be more melodic and rhythmic. There could be some traditional dances also in the evening program.


Transportation will be organized by boat, if the place is near to water or by horse cart. There will be transportation organized to the ceremony and celebration will take place in the same area as the ceremony.



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