Pink Wedding

Pink Wedding

Pink wedding’s ceremony could be organized for example in the Helsinki Cathedral. There could be added some pink lights to spot on the walls of the church according to the theme.  Church should be big and showy and could have some decoration added according to the pink theme.


After the ceremony couple will celebrate their wedding in the castle type of the venue. Good examples are: Hirvivaara Manor, Haikko Manor or Malmgård Manor. This theme is very exclusive and venue and all the decorations should be fancy and eye-catching. The decorations include of course pink and white colours also. For example the napkins could be pink coloured and candles and so on. Tablecloth should be white so there is contrast between the colours.

Food and beverages

Food doesn’t have to be on the colours of the theme. There could be buffet kind of table where the guests can go and take food for them. Many different salads will be offered and some salmon or chicken. In addition to the cake there could be other sweet offered such as candies, cupcakes and for kids there could be lollipops on pink colour offered.  For beverages some fancy champagne such as Moët & Chandon. Other beverages will be pink/white coloured soft drinks, juice and white and rosé wine. Wedding cake should be white and big and have pink decorations on it, such as flowers and bows. Cake should look very girly and cute.

Wedding attire

Bride and the groom will both wear all with clothes. Bride’s dress will be classic and beautiful and groom has a white suit

Flowers and music

Flowers for decoration should be only roses, white and pink ones. There could be roses on the eating table and also hanged on the other places, such as walls. Music in the wedding should be very relaxing and fresh. Not any rock or metal music. Some old good hits could be also played to raise the guest’s mood. If the budget allows, there could be one famous international or Finnish singer performing beautiful love songs.


Transportation from the ceremony will be organized by bride and the groom. There will be white limousine waiting in front of the church and transporting the guests to the reception. The distance between the church and reception place is not very far away so the limousines will drive that distance many times to get all the guests to the celebration venue. To the ceremony guests need to organize transportation by themselves.


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