Sweet Home Alabama

Sweet Home Alabama

Sweet Home Alabama is a romantic comedy directed by Andy Dennant and released in 2002. The movie tells about a girl called Melanie (Reese Witherspoon) who comes from Alabama. The movie begins as two kids (Melanie and her future husband) are playing on the beach in Alabama and chasing each other. They plan their future together and decide to get married someday. Then the movie moves on to the present. Melanie has moved to New York and has a great career ahead as a fashion designer. She is ashamed of her background and does not want everybody to know that she comes from a poor family. She is going to marry the mayor of New York’s son Andrew (Patrick Dempsey). Andrew’s mother has difficulties to accept that her son is going to marry a poor girl from Alabama but finally accepts it. However, at first Melanie has to divorce from her husband Jake whom she has not seen for seven years. Andrew has no idea that she is still married.


Melanie drives to Alabama to see Jake and get the divorce papers done and tell her parents she is getting married. The divorce process is not as easy as she thought it would be. Melanie follows Jake to a local pub and gets really drunk. She tells everybody that she was pregnant and it was Jake’s baby but it ended in a miscarriage and that one of their friends who was there is gay. Jake gets really mad at her and takes her home. The next morning as Melanie wakes up she sees the divorce papers signed next to her.

In Alabama Melanie realises that she still has some feelings for Jake. They share the same background and Melanie does not have to pretend to be anything she is not. However, Melanie and Andrew continue planning their wedding. He does not care about her background and really wants to marry her. They decide to have a small country wedding in Alabama even tough Andrew’s mother wanted to have a big wedding in New York. However, everything does not go as planned. As Melanie walks to the aisle, the man who helped them to get the divorce appears to the ceremony place yelling. Melanie had forgotten to sign the divorce paper. The man gives Melanie the paper and she stares at it. She thinks about whether to sign it or not. The groom is very nervous. Melanie decides not to sign the paper. The mother of the groom gets mad and starts yelling at her. Melanie realises that she gave her heart away a long time ago to Jake and did not get it back. Melanie and Andrew do not get married and Andrew and his group leave the ceremony.

Melanie goes to look for Jake who is on the beach where they spend a lot of time as kids.  She tells him that she did not sign the divorce paper and they are still married. She is really proud of Jake as he had become a famous glassblower. Melanie realises that he did it all just to get her back. At first Jake does not seem to want to take her back but then he finally does. The couple goes to the party place where the wedding party was supposed to be. All the guests of Melanie are still there and they celebrate their marriage. They dance a wedding dance which is, of course, Sweet home Alabama.

I would give this movie three stars. I think it was fun and entertaining. It is a lot about confrontation between the rich and the poor, let alone city life and country life. In my opinion the actors play their roles well and the scheme goes on smoothly. Anyway at some points the happenings were a bit predictable.


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