The five-year engagement

The five-year engagement

The five-year engagement is a romantic comedy from year 2012. Star actors of the movie are: Emily Bunt, Jason Segel and Chris Pratt. It is written by Jason Segel and Nicholas Stoller and directed by Nicholas Stoller.

Movie’s plot is that the main characters Tom and Violet are a couple. They have known each other for about a year when Tom proposes Violet. They have engagement party and after that they are supposed to start planning the wedding. In the beginning of the planning Violet gets in to her dream-university to the different state and they decide to move there together with Tom. Because of studies and life changes they decide that they start to plan the wedding again when they have settled down to the new home in the different state of USA. However the years go by and the wedding starts to already pass out of mind.


In the movie there were many funny parts but the story of the movie was too see-through in some parts and it made the watcher wait to something revolutionary happen and waiting the wedding to be held what happened shortly not until the very end of the 2 hours lasted movie. Emily Blunts role as a bride was adorable and memorable.

The plot is the movie is interesting and easy to identify with because it’s very usual story that happens also in the real life in the wedding planning process. There is included also many real life problems that come up in the relationships nowadays with some comedy added in it, it makes the movie interesting and enjoyable.

In some points of the movie the actors performances got too out of line. The jokes and some scenes were not funny anymore. The story was serious so some of the scenes could have been more serious as well. The music was well selected in the movie and made the right feeling in the scenes.



 Text by Geisy Lahe





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