Winter Wedding

Winter Wedding

Winter wedding’s ceremony could be in some exotic place such as igloo or for example in Ice Park which is in located North Finland. There definitely should be around something with snow and ice so the ceremony will fit to the theme. Venue for celebration could be some castle where outside there could be ice sculptures or some other decorations that are built from snow.


The attires of the groom and bride will be of course white. There could be some lace added on brides dress and probably some little decorations on light blue colour. So the dress fits to the theme of snow and ice well

Food and beverage

Food will be regular Finnish food. Potatoes with some meat, fish of chicken. Beverages as normal: beer, wine and champagne and of course some non-alcoholic such as juice for children. Wedding cake could be ice-cream cake. It should be in white and blue colours, vanilla ice cream and inside for example chocolate or regular cake with berries or jam. Decorations on the top should be blue coloured.


Flowers should be white and blue. They could be roses or lilies. It would be nice if in the wedding place there would be also some white rose petals on the venue floor or in the tables.


Music will contain lots of love songs and hits that people recognize and like. For entertainment there will be some games for the guests and skiing outside the venue if the guests are interested.


Transportation will be organized by sleigh from the ceremony to the reception. Guests are told that they need to dress warmly for transportation.


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