Burgundy Wedding Theme

Burgundy Wedding Theme

Burgundy is a dark red color like red wine. The particular color has been really popular this fall in clothes, accessories and interior so why not combine it also to weddings. The wedding is held in the late summer. The venue would be in a green and rich garden with a lot of space and maybe the most ideal venue for this theme would be a wine yard. However here in Finland we do not have those but for example France and Germany are very good choices. The wedding ceremony is held in the garden as well as the reception. The reception will be held under beautifully decorated tent and in the ceremony the couple is standing under a canopy, in garden.

Options: Svartå Manor, Villa Hvittorp, Olkkalan kartano (Manor), (Mosel River Vineyard Germany)

  • The tent will be decorated with burgundy, silver, gold and dark details.

garden ceremony1 settings

The bride will wear an ivory or cream colored light lace wedding dress. The accessories will be chosen by burgundy color like the bouquet, jewelries and hair accessories. The burgundy color will be combined into makeup also. The bridesmaids will wear wavy and light semi short burgundy dresses. The hair is up with a side bun except the bride who will have hair open with light waves and decorated with flowers. The groom will wear relaxed but elegant clothes. Fitted dress shirt with burgundy bow and suspenders and fitted dark trousers and classy leather shoes. The burgundy bouquets are made from black roses or calla lilies.

weddingdress makeup callas

The food in the wedding will be quite classical. There will be an appetizer table with different fresh, unique cocktail pieces. The main course will be served to tables which is either a steak with red wine sauce, pikeperch or vegetarian risotto. There will be a dessert table with burgundy macarons and big wedding cake with burgundy details. Guests drink either red or white wine with appetizer and main course and can get special beer or cider from the fancy drinks table. In the beginning of reception and with dessert there will be Champaign.

wine food cake

There will be a pianist and singers entertaining the whole evening.  The wedding will be relaxed and warm all in all. In some point talented bartenders will come and make fancy cocktails to the guests. No transportation will be needed because the ceremony and reception are in the same place. To the venue guests arrive themselves.

Text By: Johanna Nivakoski & Senja Korhonen

More pictures: http://pinterest.com/weddingmanagers/wedding-theme-burgundy-johanna-senja/


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