Country Western wedding theme

Country Western wedding theme

The theme of this wedding is western. This theme fits for couples who like western-movie and country milieu. Even though the theme is western it does not mean crazy American style wedding.  The purpose is to mix the wedding theme to Finnish style and milieu. The wedding is arranged on July because at that time the countryside is most beautiful, with flowers and corn fields. The venue is situated on countryside and it will be classy also. The venue options are idyllic and stylish and those will be decorated with flowers, bale of hays and the old utensils of the farm.

Options: Fagernäsin kartano (Kuopio), Karllundin kivinavetta (Toijala) and Kavalton tila (Piikkiö near to Turku)


The colors for the wedding are based on beige, white and a few effect colors on the flowers. The ceremony is held in the church which is near the venue. Depending on the venue the church can be Kuopio cathedral, Tampere cathedral or Turku cathedral. Transportation from the church to the venue is arranged by bus but the wedding couple moves from place to another by western style carriage.

The bride will wear a white A-line lace wedding dress. She will also have green shoes and jewels. In addition her hair is open, curly and decorated with a hair band. There will be a mixed flower bouquet and for bridesmaids same kind of bouquet but smaller. The bridesmaids will wear red dresses and boots. The groom wears white dress shirt, bow tie, beige vest, trousers and boots.


The menu will follow closely to the theme and it includes savory table, main dish and dessert table with wedding cake.  The savory table includes few types of finger food. The main dish is served from buffet and grill. There will be a chef who grills meet (ribs and chicken) and guests can decide which they want. From the buffet guests get various salads, vegetables, two different style potatoes and bread. There are also homemade mini-hamburgers and hotdogs, especially for children. The beverages will be served from a drinks table; beers, white/red wine, ice tea and lemonade. The dessert table consists of brownies, apple pie, homemade ice cream fruits and country western style wedding cake, of course. There will be used raw material from local producers. The band will play during the supper and after that there will be dancing. The wedding program includes the first dance, speeches, the show made by bridesmaids and a few funny games for the couple.


Text by Senja Korhonen and Johanna Nivakoski



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