Engagement proposal concept

Engagement proposal concept

I got the idea to this when I was reading a Finnish make-up blog and I came across with a post about engraved lipsticks. Stockmann had had a campaign in the fall that every client who purchases a cosmetic product from Yves Saint Laurent would get a free engraving to their product. The engraving could be the owners name or some phrase for example. When I googled more about the campaign I even found a picture of the lipstick engraved with Will you marry me? I loved the idea and its simplicity. It would be a memorable way to propose to someone without being so expensive.

The couple is Petri and Eerika who are both very down-to-earth persons and they like to keep their life simple without any bigger luxuries. When they go travelling they prefer national destinations and they use public transportation. Even though they are wealthy they don’t have the need to brag with their money. Petri is 28-yearl-old CEO of a construction company and his girlfriend Eerika is 27-year-old real estate agent. They are both very ambitious employees and they spend most of the day at work. Eerika has a great passion for cosmetics and she usually buys new cosmetic products every week.

The couple has been dating for 4 years and they have lived together for the last 3 years. Petri wants to propose to Eerika on her name nay (nimipäivä, I’m not sure how it is translated in English) 18th of May which is Saturday. The couple has decided to have a dinner in a restaurant La Famiglia in the centre of Helsinki.

After the dinner the couple decide to walk to home because it’s a nice spring evening. On their way to home they stop in Filmtown to rent a movie and buy some candies. When they arrive to home they change their clothes and start to watch the movie. After the movie Petri gives a little present to his girlfriend. Eerika is surprised because she thought that the dinner was the only present for her that night.

Eerika finds a lipstick in the package and she gets happy because she loves to wear lipstick every day. After looking a bit more closely to the lipstick she notices that there is an engraving on one side of the lipstick which says: Will you marry me? When she turns to Petri she sees him on one knee holding a ring.

The proposal took place in the couple’s home because Petri knew that Eerika wouldn’t want it to happen in a public place. Petri wanted to propose to Eerika with something that would really mean something to her so when he bought the lipstick at Stockmann he had it engraved with the question. And now Eerika has a long lasting memory of the proposal and she can think of it every time she wears the lipstick.


Text by: Tiia Aho


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