Engagement proposal idea: Message in a bottle

Engagement proposal idea: Message in a bottle

Our own idea:


How the special day starts:

The boyfriend leaves home early and has left a letter to kitchen for his girlfriend.  The letter includes directions for the girl like “don’t eat breakfast and get ready in 30 min, comfort clothes.” When the girl wakes up she will notice the letter and get ready. After that her girlfriend picks her up and drives her to the meeting place; Emäsalo seaside. The boyfriend will be there waiting for her.

The boyfriend has arranged, with the help of his friends, a romantic and special picnic/ brunch under beautiful sun shelter on the rocks with a sea view. There will be pillows and blankets, lots of peonies and live quitar music. He has also arranged lots of goodies; macarons, berries, fruits, croissants, salad, muffins, drinks and champagne. The place and decorations would get every girl happy.

After the brunch they will walk on the rocks when the boyfrind says “hey look there is a bottle down there, let’s go and take a look”. The girl picks the bottle and takes the paper out of it. The message will be “will you marry me? ” and the boyfriend gets down on his knee with the ring.


Special elements

  • Message in a bottle
  • Champagne, girl’s favorite goodies
  • Live guitar playing
  • Awning/ sun shelter
  • Pillows, blanket
  • Flowers
  • Sea view

Text By: Johanna Nivakoski & Senja Korhonen


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