Engagement Proposal concept: Hot-air balloon

Engagement Proposal concept: Hot-air balloon

Different ways to propose that inspired us:

– Spell your proposal on the wall of your bedroom with glow-in-the-dark star stickers. When you are getting to sleep, turn the lights off and wait for her/him to notice the message. (The Knot. Marriage Proposals: 50 Romantic Ways to Propose.)

– Create a full-page ad to a newspaper that you know your girlfriend/boyfriend reads daily and propose. (The Knot. Marriage Proposals: 50 Romantic Ways to Propose.)

– Make a trailer where you tell how you two met and why she or he is so special to you. Then ask that they would show the trailer in cinema when your partner is there about to watch a movie.

– Make a video clip about why you love your partner and ask if they could show it on a big screen on the big building’s wall in some big city i.e. Tokyo. Then go there and ask her or him to marry you!

Our way of an engagement proposal

Markus and Maria are two Finns living in Helsinki.

They have planned a hot-air balloon trip for a while, and now they have finally arranged a day to do that. Markus intends to propose Maria in the air on the 18th July and Maria doesn’t realize that it is exactly the day they met three years ago.

Markus has contacted Aerohot (a company who organizes hot-air balloon trips for example in Helsinki) and booked a balloon trip for two. The duration of the flight is one hour and flying route is above the archipelago of Helsinki.

The couple drives out of town to a hill where the trip begins and get in to the balloon. In the air the driver serves them champagne and strawberries. When they are above the island of Suomenlinna, their closest friends on the island are holding a big white sheet that has been wrote “Will you marry me?” on it. Markus kneels down and proposes to Maria in the balloon. The rest is history.

Text by: Jasmin Riikonen & Heli Salmi


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