Wedding theme: New York

Wedding theme: New York

Those who live in New York or are otherwise fans of the City would love this theme. Even if the wedding was not held in the Big Apple, this theme is easily created with these tips.

The venue:

The ideal location for a real New York-wedding is Central Park. There are many different locations in the park for the wedding ceremony and reception. The park offers amazing locations also for photographs. For example, the legendary Boathouse which is featured in many movies and TV-series, would be a perfect venue for a summer wedding in NYC.


The ultimate New York-feeling can be achieved also outside of the City. Salmi Sali, which is in Helsinki, offers a stylish and modern venue for a couple who appreciates quality and luxury.


The decorations and invitations:

Decorations and stationery should go along with the theme. What first comes to your mind when you think of New York? The magnificent buildings such as Empire State Building, the yellow cabs, Broadway or the Statue of Liberty? The invitations would have the picture of the city’s skyline.


Food and beverages:

Typical food of New York? Hot dogs, burgers and bagels perhaps. For the beverages some classic cocktails such as Cosmopolitan and Manhattan.



New York is featured in many songs and to fully accomplish the theme these songs should be included in the playlist:

Frank Sinatra – New York, New York

Paloma Faith – New York

Alicia Keys – Empire State of Mind

Hanoi Rocks – New York City

Madonna – I Love New York

Billie Holiday – Autumn in New York


New York is the city where dreams come true, so why not include the city in The Day your dreams come true?


Text by: Ida Hanski

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Wedding theme for Ice Hockey Lovers

Wedding theme for Ice Hockey Lovers

Nothing brings people together quite like hockey!


Wedding takes place on the ice! Any arena is suitable, depending on the amount of the guests. The ceremony is on the ice, and reception will be held on any big room in the arena turned into theme-fitted venue with decorations, lightning and music.


Wedding attire

The bride is wearing a traditional, simple, beautiful white dress with the veil. As well, the groom will be wearing a traditional black suit. Bridesmaids and bestmans will be wearing ice hockey shirts.

If the couple has some favourite ice hockey team, they could make the wedding colour palette with the main colours of the team, and the colours could be used also in the attire.




The invitation for the guests will be in the shape of ice hockey ticket.


Food & Beverage

There will be 3-course meal. There will be, for example, pastries decorated ice-hockey style. Wedding cake is simple but has an icehockey couple on top of it. For beverage, there will be different kind of wines and beer.



Name plates will be looking like the back of the shirt of the icehockey players. There will be flowers put into the trophies on the table.


Music and entertainment

There will be special lightning show on the ice with music before the ceremony starts. One of the couple’s friends is singing while the bride walks down the aisle, which is lightened in the dark arena. When the priest tells the couple to kiss each other, very powerful ice hockey goal song will start playing!

Wedding photo

The wedding photo is taken from the angle of from the goal.



Text by Enni H.