The city of love – Loviisa at our event

The city of love – Loviisa at our event

One of our exhibitors will be the city of Loviisa. Loviisa is a city with over 15 000 inhabitants situated by the sea about 20km from Porvoo and 70km from Helsinki.

We will have a representative Ute Kehrs (who also attended the Wedding Planning and Management course last year) from this city that advertises itself as the city of love and weddings. There will be videos, brochures and other merchandise for you to take a look at! And of course Ute who is ready to tell you everything you want to know about the city and its wedding possibilities.

Come visit the stand and see what it has to offer!


While waiting for the fair you can take a look at Loviisa’s official webpage:

Have a happy May Day everyone!

Text: Hanna Saarinen

Flower shop Kukkakauppa Peikonpähkinä sponsors all the beautiful flowers in our event!

Flower shop Kukkakauppa Peikonpähkinä sponsors all the beautiful flowers in our event!

kukkia kukkasia







As we are doing this event We Do! Weddings in Every Sense, we have a lot of sponsor companies and we would like to present them to you. The company we are now presenting is flower shop Kukkakauppa Peikonpähkinä and this company will provide all the flowers you see in our event. This modern time’s flower shop, which mainly is an online store, started its action in March 2010. With the help of professional employees you can get the most suitable flower arrangements for your events. You can order via telephone and on the internet, but you can also get face-to-face service. From this store you can also find small gifts, handcrafted, padded candles, angels, wind chimes and dreamcathers. Kukkakauppa Peikonpähkinä offers you flowers for sorrow, different kinds of bouquets and flower arrangements and wedding flowers.

Opening hours:
On weekdays 9-17 (from 1st of April 9-18)
Saturday 9-15
Sunday 12-15

Contact information:
Kukkakauppa Peikonpähkinä
Address: Pappilantie 2, 07500 Askola
Phone number:  040 821 6645



Text by: Miia Keinonen
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Nonparelli Catering with us creating the WE DO! Weddings In Every Sense -fair

Nonparelli Catering with us creating the WE DO! Weddings In Every Sense -fair

nonparelli logo

Nonparelli Catering is Helsinki based catering company which is owned by entrepreneur Marjo Lindh. Marjo started as an entrepreneur 8 years ago because of her passion for baking which she wanted to share with others. She pursues to use the best ingredients in everything she does.

Nonparelli Catering is a small cozy café in Herttoniemi (Helsinki) which offers daily buffet lunch and self-made sweet and salty pastries. Besides, Nonparelli serves brunch on Saturdays and buffet breakfast from Monday to Friday 07:30-10:00am. Also catering services are available for small or big events and the menu examples can be found on their internet site.

             nonparelli buffet                  nonparelli

Nonparelli Catering is with us at the fair in Porvoo on 15th of May so come and taste their delicious salty and sweet pastries!

Before that you can visit them in Hitsaajankatu 9, Helsinki and take a look at their website


Text by Riina Saijonkivi

Source: and photos)


We Do! Weddings In Every Sense – a Wedding Fair in Porvoo

We Do! Weddings In Every Sense – a Wedding Fair in Porvoo

Photography by Alejandro Díaz Ortiz
Photography by Alejandro Díaz Ortiz

Save the date in your calendar! We Do! Weddings In Every Sense – a wedding fair at Porvoo Campus – is on Thursday, 15 May, 2014. We are a group of HAAGA-HELIA students taking part in a course called “Wedding Planning and Management”, and our project this semester is to arrange a one-day wedding fair at our campus. Visit us, get inspired and complete your wedding vendor selections. Instead of having traditional fair with lots of stands, we will create an unforgettable experience for the visitors, appealing to all the five senses. Admire our visual feast of unique flower decorations, view the fashion show with our fabulous models presenting gorgeous dresses, which were designed by professionals just for our event, see an exquisite jewellery, taste the wedding cakes, listen to multinational talented artists including Veijo Vänttinen, Linh Duong & Vy Nguyen, Alejandro Diaz Ortis, and Anna Alferova, check out quick hairstyling sessions, find a honeymoon destinations, and take part in a lottery. If that’s not enough, there’s so much more; you will find at our fair anything from tutorial on how to make a wedding invitation to a free-style football show, and that’s not all; we are constantly coming up with fresh ideas and we are busy planning and arranging new attractions to make your visit even more enjoyable. There are no entrance fees, so you can enjoy all of that for free!

Photography taken by Alejandro Díaz Ortiz
Photography taken by Alejandro Díaz Ortiz
Photography taken by Maka Milczanowska
Photography taken by Maka Milczanowska

Would you like to be a part of this event as an exhibitioner or sponsor? It’s not too late to join! Just let us know. You can contact us via e-mail , Facebook or Twitter. Our planned theme is Spring Fairytale Wedding; our palette includes subtle pink, fresh green, pastel-hued yellow and lilac.
Our group already has contacts to the media and we are actively getting as much media attention as possible. We are publishing a press release which will reach hundreds of HAAGA-HELIAs partners in media. We also advertise now the event in social media, such as on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and this blog. We will also live stream our event on Google+ to reach a wider audience. We are also negotiating Krista Siegfrieds’ performance.
The target group will be students and couples who are planning to get married. We are expecting over 500 visitors, so your company would have a wonderful opportunity to reach potential customers. We offer your company a unique experience, an eventful day with plenty of content, assistance on spot, beautiful venue on Porvoo Campus and professional photographer’s service. After the event you will get the photos which you are free to use for marketing purposes. Furthermore, if you are going to participate, we promise to write an article about your company here, at our blog. See you all at our fair!

Photography taken by Alejandro Díaz Ortiz
Photography taken by Alejandro Díaz Ortiz
Photography taken by Maka Milczanowska
Photography taken by Maka Milczanowska
Wedding Theme: Gold & White

Wedding Theme: Gold & White

With the combination of gold and white you can never go wrong. Using these colours on your wedding decoration is an easy way to create a classy and glamorous atmosphere to your wedding.


Invitations are simple, but the colours of the theme white and gold are used. The gold envelope and the little golden details give the receiver an idea what the theme is going to be on the wedding day.


Venue and decoration

It doesn’t matter where the wedding is held, it’s possible to create gold & white setting almost anywhere. The wedding can also be held inside or outside… The basic colour of the decoration is white, but there is  a lot of golden details.





Wedding attire

The bride is wearing a white dress and she’s having gold accessories. The shoes, jewellery and flowerbouqet are gold. In her hair she has a golden hairpiece. There is also used gold shades in her make-up and nails.






The groom is wearing a white or black tuxedo. He wears a gold vest and a tie and his shoes are gold as well.



The bestmen are wearing suits and gold accessories…

real flower petal confetti winter wedding ideas gold groom tie suit

…and the bridesmaids and the flower girls are wearing gold dresses.



Food and cake

The food is traditional but there is a lot of golden sparkle added on the wedding cake and other desserts.






Just married couple rides to the reception on a white limo which is decorated using gold details.



Gifts for the bridesmaids and bestmen

All the bridesmaids are going to get a customized bracelet with their own name on it…golden of course. The bestmen are going to get gold tie clips. These are small but very useful gifts for these important persons!



Other fun ideas

There are disposable cameras on the tables so every guest can be a photographer. These photos will be a great memory after the wedding!


When the couple is departing from the ceremony, instead of throwing rice at the couple the guests are blowing soap bubbles.


A little gift for every guest… there is going to be a little box of candy wrapped in gold paper on the table by everyone’s seat.



Written by Mari Ämmälä


Wedding theme: Winnie the Pooh

Wedding theme: Winnie the Pooh

Are you a huge fan of our beloved Winnie the Pooh? If yes, then this is your wedding!


Invitations should be simple (as Pooh himself). So keep it quite plain, with nice font and include some beautiful quotation from Winnie the Pooh, such as “As soon as I saw you, I knew an adventure was going to happen.” or “- How do you spell love? – You don’t spell it, you feel it.”


Venue + decoration

Venue for the reception is of course Hundred Acre Wood. Ideal place for that would be Ashdown forest in England, East Sussex, as that was the inspiration for Hundred Acre Wood and therefore you can find some places from Winnie the Pooh books from there. (For example the Poohstick Bridge would be perfect for wedding photos!) The most important thing about the venue is (if you are not able to get to Ashdown forest) that it is in nature. Lots of trees and bushes.

For decoration, colours used could be yellow, orange, red and brown – but not too much and in too bright colours! The main colour used in biggest surfaces etc. is white. Include to the decoration the same quotation you have used in your invitations.

venuedecorationpoohstick bridge


Transportation of the couple could happen by an old car, decorated with flowers according to theme colours.


Wedding attire

The wedding attire of both, bride and groom, should be cute and fun! Not so formal. Attire of bride could be knee length dress and include some fun details, such as yellow tights. The attire of the groom should also be more casual: maybe sweater and neat trousers. Yellow bowtie is a must!



Food and beverages

As main dish you could have honey roasted root vegetables with chicken, or something which has at least a tiny bit of honey in it, so it will look good on the menu. But emphasis during these wedding should be on the sweet stuff. Cakes, pastries, cupcakes, sweets… Everything! Instead of having one big cake, you could have many cupcakes in a tower. Delicious! And remember to have honey flavoured things as much as you can! (But of course keeping in mind that how much of honey one person can eat…)


Wedding favours for guests could be tiny jars of honey with honey dippers on side!

wedding favour

Music and entertainment

For the first dance of the couple, Keane’s song Somewhere only we know, performed by Lily Allen. Or then the couple could sing it as a duet.


Written by Sara Virtanen


Wedding Theme: Under the Stars

Wedding Theme: Under the Stars

What would be more romantic than getting married under the stars?


The invitation tells guests something about the theme of the wedding. It could look romantic and include starry night sky with flowers and trees.



The ceremony would be held in a planetarium. It is possible to bring chairs there and create an aisle to walk to “the altar”. Besides some flowers, this venue doesn’t need other decorations because it is stunningly beautiful. One option for planetarium is The Franklin Institute which is located in Philadelphia. (Any other planetarium would suit well, too.)

After this is the reception. It would be held in a building with glass roof. Another really good alternative is to have a tent outside. Then the reception could be almost anywhere if there is enough space for it.


Flowers and decoration

Mostly used colors are white, gold, silver and different shades of blue. Tables are decorated with flowers and candles. To create a feeling of night sky, there would be lights and stars on the ceiling.


Wedding attire

Bride’s dress is white, heart shaped and has decorations on the waist. It is made from chiffon so it is lightweight and moves easily. She also has jewelry accessories.

bride dress hair1 hair2

Groom and his best men have blue suits with bow ties. Bridesmaids’ dresses should fit to the theme as well. They could have dark blue dresses with small silver decorations.

groombridesmaid dress

Food, beverages and the cake

You can serve for example a 3-course meal with any food you like. Beverages could be served from glasses which are designed with stars. The wedding cake is blue and it has silver star decorations. Other perfect desserts are cupcakes and cookies.



There would be a band playing or a DJ with playlist so everyone can have fun on the dance floor.

Playlist examples:

One Republic – Counting Stars

Taylor Swift – Starlight

Owl City – Shooting Star

Muse – Starlight

Tinie Tempah – Written in the Stars


When the sun has gone down, it is time to go outside. Give every guest their own sky lantern (made from rice paper or bamboo) and light them up. When they rise, the night sky will be full of beauty and shine! This tradition is originally from Asia and it symbolizes good luck and prosperity. Other fun idea is to have sparklers!


Wedding photo

Do you want to try something special for your wedding photo? If at least either one of you is handy, you can try to build a cute frame like this by yourselves.

wedding photo


Written by: Satu Karvola