Wedding theme: Harry Potter

Wedding theme: Harry Potter

Here’s something for us HP lovers!

Invitations will be sent in the form of Marauder’s Map.


The venue should be an old castle, making the guests feel as if they were actually in Hogwarts. One of these kinds of places is Orchardleigh, located near Bristol in United Kingdom.


The decoration follows the colors of the four houses: red, yellow, blue and green. Magic wands and other familiar objects will be present at the reception. The cake will be filled with details and the top decoration can be for example a couple with wands. The serving will be various kinds of small snacks, salt and sweet. Butter beer will be the main drink served.

Reception decoration Name tags

 Dare you taste these snacks?

The bride’s dress will be similar to the one Fleur wore to her and Bill’s wedding. Bridesmaids dresses will again present the four main colors. The groom’s outfit will also be the kind Bill had for their wedding. Groomsmen can also present the four colors in their outfits.

Wedding dress 

Bridesmaid dresses A fun detail in the groomsmen's outfit

Transportation of the couple will happen with an old Ford Anglia, also known as the “flying car” from the books.

Ford Anglia

The music should include songs from the movies, such as:

Hedwig’s theme
Double Trouble
Christmas at Hogwarts
Potter Waltz
The Weasley Stomp


Text: Hanna Saarinen



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