Wedding theme: Primary school

Wedding theme: Primary school

You are looking for a wedding theme and your future husband or wife is a teacher, or you met each other in school? This theme is maid for you! Here are some ideas for a primary school theme wedding, for a decoration that will plunge your guests into the theme.

The venue:

The ideal venue for a elementary school theme wedding is a school. In the United States, the « Old St. Fracis School » located in the center of downtown Bend, has undergone a transformation from 1936 Catholic schoolhouse to lively destination hotel complete with classrooms-turned-lodging rooms, private meeting and event space that bride-and-groom to be alike. You are able to dance in the hallways, drink on school property, laugh out loud in classrooms and more, no one will rap your knuckles with a ruler for bah behavior! Indoor and outdoor event spaces can accommodate up to 140 guests.



The wedding attire:

There is not really a particular dress code for a primary school themed wedding but you can add some details that remind the theme like wore pinwheel boutonnieres or wearing  a pair of trainers. You can also choose to wear school uniform or clothes that remains the period in which you were at the primary school. And for the flower bouquet incorporate green pencils as « stems ».

Image  Image  Image  Image

The food and beverage:

For this theme choose typical food you liked to eat when you were at school and find a special designation for each dish that remains the theme. You can also choose to do your menu regarding a school subject, for example « geography ». For this geography menu theme you can serve to your guests specialities from the country you like. For the dessert, a buffet with a large choice is a good idea (brownie, cookie..). If you plan to have a wedding cake don’t forget to put a figurine that match the theme! For the favors you offer to you guests and in keeping with the school theme you can pack them in brown paper lunch bags or in a ink-stand.

Image  Image  Image

The decoration:  

You have a large choice of details you can put for this theme. For the decoration of the room, decorate the wall like in a real school room with wooden ruler, schoolbag, geography maps, blackboards… For the table’s name use a subject like geography, mathematics…Regarding the centerpieces you can use books, miniature globes, wrapped aluminium cans-turned-vases or a vase with school-themed alphabet card clipped in. For the place card use small slate and write the name of your guests with chalk. For the table seating plan use a big blackboard.

Image  Image  Image

Music and entertainment:

For the music select music you were used to listen to when you were at school. For the entertainment you can choose games you were used to play when you were little like hopscotch. For the ceremony programs, give to your guests cootie catchers. You may also supply guests with paper airplanes to toss in the air intend of rice. For kids, make customs crayon packet and give them coloring books. To entertain you guests during the reception you can set up vintage school desks and create a self-service photo booth. At each table you can also put quizzes about the couple and pencils for the guests to complete them. The guests dropped them in a box, and the couple can grade them thank’s to that and include the grade in their thank you notes.

Image  Image  Image

Transportation to and from the ceremony to the reception: 

The bride and groom to be can arrive at the ceremony on micro-scooter. The best transportation to use for your guests from the ceremony to the reception is a school-bus.

Image  Image  Image

Text by Clotilde DINCHER.



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