Wedding Theme: Oasis of the desert

Wedding Theme: Oasis of the desert


Wedding Theme: “Oasis of the desert”

This wedding theme is for those who want to have something unique and memorable. For busy people of today, wedding in the desert would definitely be something unforgettable. The desert venue would create incredibly beautiful and serene scene for the wedding ceremony. After that jeeps would bring you and your guests to the Oasis (wedding reception) where tables would be full of delicious food and cold drinks just before the sunset. And of course party continues under the amazing starry night.



Perfect destination for the desert wedding would be Morocco or Abu Dhabi. Venue for the wedding ceremony would need to be somewhere, easily accessible with jeeps and not too far. But the good thing is that you do not need to drive so far to reach this kind of scene as below. When the view is already so beautiful, it means you do not need much decoration. However, it is important to have a tent to get away from the sun for once in a while and to have cold drinks ready for the guests.

 bride 2

Wedding attire for the bride:

This beautifully detailed Lazaro gown would be perfect for desert wedding theme! Notify that the creamy colour of for the dress would be better choice than pure white, since it might get some sand dust! And colourful flower bouquet with the colours of the sunset makes it perfect. Bride could arrive with the camel to create even bigger wow effect!

 happy couple

For the groom:

The wedding attire for the groom should not be too fancy for this theme. Perhaps a vest instead of the jacket might work as in the picture below. Even the shoes are not compulsory! Remember to take lots of pictures in the magnificent desert scene before leaving to the wedding reception by jeeps!


Transportation from the ceremony to the reception:

The best (and only) option to get from the wedding ceremony to the reception is to have jeeps to pick up people. Remember that only professional drivers are allowed to drive in the desert!


Food & Beverage:

When jeeps arrive to the wedding reception after the ceremony, it will be like Oasis full of colourful desserts, fresh fruits, and cold beverages. The barbequed main courses (meat or veggies) can be chosen by guests themselves and prepared by the chefs!


Wedding Cake:

When the dessert table is in all the colours, white wedding cake can really show of. It looks elegant and stylish, still perfect for the chosen theme with bronze jewellery looking design.


Floral Decoration:

The perfect floral decoration for the desert theme is sunset colour flowers, such as yellow, red and orange. Add some green to make it look fresh. Cactuses would be perfect for the desert theme. I don`t think any other plant would fit better for the theme!


Music & Entertainment:

When guests arrive to the wedding reception, some Arabic music might create just the right atmosphere of an Oasis. There could be even some local performer and of course a belly dancer. The bravest guests could try belly dancing as well! The jeep safari before the ceremony is already a great adventure for your guests. In the late night there could be a fire performer to have a surprise show under the starry sky. It would definitely get the attention of your guests!

Post by: Anna Rantakivi


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