Wedding Theme: Barbie Doll

Wedding Theme: Barbie Doll

You are a real woman crazy about pink and romance, you are always perfectly dressed like a doll and your husband looks like Ken? This wedding theme perfectly fits to your couple. You will for sure offer to your guests a unique girly and romantic atmosphere.

Invitations: You first need to aware your family and your friends that you are getting married. For that you will send some invitations which are the perfect occasion to announce your theme! Try to stay traditional but add pink and fancy touches as ribbons and diamonds.


Ideal Venue: The ideal venue for a Barbie Wedding would be a castle. It doesn’t have to be huge but simple with a nice and flowery park. Castle of Santeny located in France would be a perfect choice.


Wedding Attire: The bride could wear a traditional white dress with a pink touch such as pink bow or shoes or she could also wear a fantasy pink dress. As for the groom, he could wear a white suit with some pink touches as well like a pink tie.

Image   Image   Image

Your bridesmaids, the flower girl and the ring boy could be dressed according to the theme too. The dresses could be pink fuchsia, short and flared to represent Barbie dolls.



Transport: The perfect transport would be a pink limousine, very girly and fashion. Your guests will love it and your arrival will be a real success! Moreover, you will be at ease with your dress inside thanks to the space that a limousine presents.


Food, Beverage and Wedding cakes:

The menu of your Barbie Wedding should be sweet and soft in order to still have that girly touch that we are looking for. That’s why you will prioritize sweet and sour dishes. Below you could have a look on a menu idea which would treat your guests.


Canapés of foie gras with its testy fig jam

Filet of duck breast with honey sauce and caramelised apples served with a delicious ratatouille

The Barbie Wedding Cake with its lovely cupcakes

Image   Image   Image   Image

Decoration: Always give priority to fancy and girly atmosphere. So you would prefer the usage of pink and white as well as a lot of flowers. Try to create a cosy atmosphere where your guests could feel like being in a dolls world. Pay attention to little details that could make the difference and bring a magic touch.

Image   Image   Image

Music & entertainment: Choose some activities that will make your guests dream and forget the reality throughout your big day. You could have a pink balloon release, an equestrian show and pink fireworks. Just be creative!

Image   Image   Image

 And to dance until the end of the night, you could put some typical music such as “Barbie Girl” of Aqua, it will remind your theme in a funny way.

With such a theme, you will never forget your Big Day, I promise!


Text by Hortense REY.

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