Wedding theme: Zoo

Wedding theme: Zoo

This wedding theme is for couples who love animals, or just want an exotic wedding. The theme has been inspired by jungle, animal prints and African savanna.

The invitations: A fun way to do the invitations is to make them look like tickets to the zoo!


The venue can be any zoo you’d like, wether it’s near or far.


Wedding attire: For the bride, any white dress with a little twist is good with animal print shoes.  The bridesmaids would be wearing animal print dresses.

Image ImageImage

Transportation: The car choice of the couple is inspired by the African savanna.


Food & Bevarage: The wedding cake is the same style as the invitations. This fun animal style “cake” is for the kids.

There would be a lot of small salty snacks available and as a drink there would be wine and other refreshments.



Decoration: The use of colours and animal prints is also seen with the decoration. A lot of flowers is also a must. There could be an area for tables outside and inside.


Music & entertainment: A little bit african style music would suit good as a background music. As an entertainment the guests could be going around the zoo watching the animals. The kids could get an animal style facepaint.

Written by: Saara Kähkönen





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