Wedding theme: Pearls

Wedding theme: Pearls

Pearls – those tiny little but beautiful things. Since they are quite elegant, this theme helps you to get ideas around pearls.

As pearls may be considered old-fashioned jewellery, I thought that the ceremony could take place in Porvoo Cathedral. Porvoo Cathedral is an idyllic yet a historic church with a nice interior. For the reception I thought of Villa Haikko, this stylish insular villa. Villa Haikko is a part of Haikko Manor, which is also in Porvoo. Both places are light coloured and so are the pearls.


Wedding attire:
The wedding gown could have some lace on it or maybe even pearls. Pearls could also be hair decors and they could also be in the wedding bouquet. Wedding bouquet would also be white coloured. The groom would wear a dark grey suit with a white tie.











Invitations and decorations:
Invitations could be simple and decorated with pearls. Decorations are naturally based on pearls and white colour. In weddings small details are important.




Food and beverage:
The wedding could take place in the beginning of summer, when there are new potatoes in the market. There could also be served salmon. Generally the food would be light and fresh. The meal would be a three course meal, first there would be some fresh salad, then the main course and after that the dessert. Dessert could be parfaits and the traditional wedding cake could be decorated with pearls. Beverages would be different kinds of wines and the toast could be raised with champagne.


Flowers would be white, for example hydrangeas and roses. Flower bouquet could be entirely made of pearls or then it could be made out of white flowers and be decorated with pearls.











Music and entertainment:
Music would be some classical music, like Bach, Beethoven, Tchaikovsky and Mozart.

The wedding couple could use some classic car from 50’s. It could give a little bit edge to the theme.



Written by: Miia Keinonen



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