Wedding theme: Winnie the Pooh

Wedding theme: Winnie the Pooh

Are you a huge fan of our beloved Winnie the Pooh? If yes, then this is your wedding!


Invitations should be simple (as Pooh himself). So keep it quite plain, with nice font and include some beautiful quotation from Winnie the Pooh, such as “As soon as I saw you, I knew an adventure was going to happen.” or “- How do you spell love? – You don’t spell it, you feel it.”


Venue + decoration

Venue for the reception is of course Hundred Acre Wood. Ideal place for that would be Ashdown forest in England, East Sussex, as that was the inspiration for Hundred Acre Wood and therefore you can find some places from Winnie the Pooh books from there. (For example the Poohstick Bridge would be perfect for wedding photos!) The most important thing about the venue is (if you are not able to get to Ashdown forest) that it is in nature. Lots of trees and bushes.

For decoration, colours used could be yellow, orange, red and brown – but not too much and in too bright colours! The main colour used in biggest surfaces etc. is white. Include to the decoration the same quotation you have used in your invitations.

venuedecorationpoohstick bridge


Transportation of the couple could happen by an old car, decorated with flowers according to theme colours.


Wedding attire

The wedding attire of both, bride and groom, should be cute and fun! Not so formal. Attire of bride could be knee length dress and include some fun details, such as yellow tights. The attire of the groom should also be more casual: maybe sweater and neat trousers. Yellow bowtie is a must!



Food and beverages

As main dish you could have honey roasted root vegetables with chicken, or something which has at least a tiny bit of honey in it, so it will look good on the menu. But emphasis during these wedding should be on the sweet stuff. Cakes, pastries, cupcakes, sweets… Everything! Instead of having one big cake, you could have many cupcakes in a tower. Delicious! And remember to have honey flavoured things as much as you can! (But of course keeping in mind that how much of honey one person can eat…)


Wedding favours for guests could be tiny jars of honey with honey dippers on side!

wedding favour

Music and entertainment

For the first dance of the couple, Keane’s song Somewhere only we know, performed by Lily Allen. Or then the couple could sing it as a duet.


Written by Sara Virtanen



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