Wedding theme: Turquoise&Bling

Wedding theme: Turquoise&Bling

Turquoise and bling -theme is a good option for brides who want to impress, not only themselves but everyone attending the wedding.

This theme isn’t only beautiful, it is luxorious in the most humble way. There are different levels that can be used in this theme, depending on how luxorious the bride wants their wedding to be.

Let’s start with the venue:

Soft lightning creates a dreamy atmosphere and welcomes the guests warmly. Turquoise can be just an effect colour somewhere in the background, or then it can be implemented as the hero of the day, and bling can be added softly to back-up the colour. It is still good to remember that too much is too much, and if something feels overwhealming, the colours or the bling can be tuned down. Here below are some examples of possible venues, with more or less bling and turquoise.





And then we’ll move on to the wedding attire, jewellery, and flower bouquet which are all crucial for a wedding.

The wedding dress should be something like in the picture below, so that it would implement the softness that can also be seen in the venue but it also would have the bling. Classic white dress suits this theme, but it can also be altered as everything else if needed. Jewellery would be mostly turquoise, but some bright diamonds could also support the theme well. The flower bouquet should be a bit more tuned down so that the dress can shine.


Hair and make-up would be as natural and beautiful as possible, and shoes cold be white or turquoise.


And then a good options for bridesmaides and bestmen could be some of these:


A classic and elegant limousine will take care of the transportation for the day. It could be black or white, depending on the opinion of the couple.


There would also be other activities and programme for guests in the wedding, such as these:


Invitations would be beautiful, simple and elegant with neutral colours.


Catering is also an important part of a wedding, because the cake will also crown the day. It has to look fabulous as this one here below, but also other catering needs to look good as these muffins do:


Photography would be all about the emotions and the elegance of the day. The photograph should be glorious and striking. Here are some good examples:


Text by: Minna Parviainen

This theme can also be found in Pinterest with this link:


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