Destination wedding in Paradise!

Destination wedding in Paradise!

Destination weddings allow couples to live their dream wedding ceremony in a stunning location and celebrate surrounded by their closest friends and family members creating long-lasting memories for both the couple and their guests.

If you’re looking for a unique way to say ‘I do’ , a destination wedding in a romantic paradise that affords dramatic and unique locations for photography is ideal. For this purpose, I recommend Halkidiki in Northern Greece! Halkidiki’s three fjord-like bays with emerald beaches and coves, imposing mountains, gorgeous sunsets, delicious cuisine and high-quality level of hospitality makes this blessed place an ideal location for your dream destination wedding! I am personally considering Halkidiki as a place to host my own wedding, so this year I did a little bit of scouting of my own with my fiancé.

When spending our holidays with my fiancé at Pomegranate Wellness Spa Hotel in breathtaking Halkidiki in Greece this year, we were privileged to witness a symbolic wedding of a Russian couple during sunset. The symbolic or blessing wedding ceremony is becoming more and more popular every year. Compared to a  legal ceremony (civil), the symbolic ceremony is not legally binding apart from the love and commitment between the couple. Many couples may have already taken a registry office legal wedding prior to a symbolic ceremony.

In this case, Liudmila and Vitali are the lovely couple that chose Pomegranate Wellness Spa Hotel to host their symbolic wedding. The couple stayed at the Tokyo Suite (my favourite!) which combines modern design, a king-size bed, glass enclosed shower and walk-in wardrobe that is ideal for couples and newlyweds. The Tokyo Suite is from 60-70m2, located on the third floor with a side view of the sea and a spacious balcony.


Our thematic suites are ideal for couples specially for occasions such as honeymoons or anniversaries and they really express and bring out the individually of each client. Our thematic suites (six of them in total) are one of kind: Tokyo, Ludovicus, Pomegranate, New York, Presidential and Moscow. Depending on the style and wishes of the client we can offer a suite to matches their preferences. They are small retreats for shorter or longer periods, with Italian Trussardi toiletries in all of our suites, mesmerizing sea views of the Aegean Sea and on a clear day, direct views of Mount Olympus. All suites feature with luxurious bathrooms, but Pomegranate and Presidential Suites in specific have king-size whirlpool baths with marble! Guests staying on this type of accommodation have the possibility (on request) of private dining served on their balcony or veranda. On special occasions such as a wedding, we offer special floral decorations, complimentary fine champagne as well as other special arrangements as described in our Wedding and Honeymoon packages that enrich the whole experience,” explains George Doucas, Marketing & Sales Manager at Pomegranate Wellness Spa Hotel in Halkidiki, Greece.


Liudmila -the stunning bride- wore a long lace wedding dress with a veil that complimented her tall, lean figure. Lace is an elegant choice for a summer wedding as it is light, feminine and precious-looking.


When Liudmila was spreading her arms the veil spred making her look like a beautiful butterfly just like the butterflies flying around in the bushes and trees of Pomegranate Wellness Spa Hotel! In the photo below, the bride is posing in from of the 100-year old pomegranate tree that is found at Pomegranate’s garden! She looks ethereal!

Liudmila was holding a beautiful bouquet of white and light blue flowers in the color scheme of her wedding. An interesting fact is that the bridal bouquet was composed with 29 roses. “Usually in Russian the bridal bouquet is composed with either 29 or 31 roses, never 30!” explains Doucas since in Russia you ought not to give anyone an even amount of flowers.

Her hair and make-up was done at the Hair and Beauty salon of Pomegranate’s Afrodita Roa Spa. Her blonde hair was curled up and her make-up featured a smoky eye in grey/blue tones that brings our her blue almond-shaped eyes and a pink lip. Liudmila also wore silver and diamond jewellery that shined brightly over her tanned skin.

The bride’s elegant French manicure and pedicure was also done at the beauty salon of Afrodita Roa Spa.

The photos above were taking while the groom was waiting for his bride to arrive by the pool where the symbolic wedding would take place overlooking the Aegean Sea and having a gorgeous golden sunset as a backdrop. Mr. Konstantinos Pavlidis, the hotel’s Guest Relations Manager escorted the bride to her groom.  Pavlidis read their own vows in Russian, the couple exchange rings and kissed at the sunset in front of their families and closest friends. Liudmila’s and Vitali’s symbolic wedding ceremony was about “giving an oath in the land of the Gods that each one will honour their wedding until death does them apart!” explains Pavlidis.

Wedding Collage

Liudmila and Vitali, may you always feel as close as you do this day!

If you want to plan your own wedding, vows renewal or wedding anniversary, visit: and discover how your happiest moments can be turned into memorable events! Start planning your special day and browse through the Wedding Packages of Pomegranate Wellness Spa Hotel below to host your once-in-a-lifetime event at a unique location in Halkidiki in Northern Greece.

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