Wedding theme: Yee-ha cowboy!

Wedding theme: Yee-ha cowboy!


Invitations are a key component in wedding planning because they set the tone of what the wedding will be like on the day and also illustrate how the guests can prepare for the celebration. This invitation helps to not only envision the theme of the wedding whereby cowboys are renowned for capturing horses with roped loops; but also metaphorically represents the phrase ‘tie the knot’. Beneath the knot, pertinent information will be written with regards to the where, when, who and RSVP of the wedding. The dress code will also be clearly stated in order to fulfill the theme concept.

cowboy invitation

Venue and decoration

A cowboy’s lifestyle is typically seen as rustic, country-style living and western. Therefore, this should be reflected in the decoration and venue choice of the wedding.

The chosen venue is: Red and White American Barn. The venue destination is America due to cowboys originating from North America ranches. The barn will be moderately modern and converted, suitable for the classic wedding that will be held there such as the one in the image below.


For the ceremony, it would be visually appealing to place cowboy boots filled with flowers all along the sides of the aisle. The decoration inside the barn will display fairy lights, lanterns and light bulbs hanging from the ceiling as well as some cream draped fabric along the wooden panels. It is a creative suggestion to arrange seating for about 6 people per rectangular table. The seating won’t be the typical chair with covers; instead, they will sit on beer barrels. Although not the comfiest option when eating a meal, it creates more of an easy-going and adventurous atmosphere.


The table settings could be wrapped in a neckerchief, as shown in the picture below. This then also acts as a favor.


Wedding attire

The Bride and Bridesmaids

The bride could wear a mid length ivory lace dress, with a burgundy fabric tied around the waist. The bridesmaids will then have burgundy dresses with a bouquet filled with yellows, whites and reds. This symbolizes the colours of a cowboy outfit, especially Woody’s out of toy story! The girls will all wear cowboy boots, including the bride. The whole idea is a laid-back look and western feel. The bride could also arrive to the ceremony on horse-back.

bridesmaids wedding dress

The Groom

The Groom will typically be dressed as a cowboy.

Food and beverage

Typically American and Cowboy-inspired, the food will be in the form of a BBQ and a hog roast. It will be casual dining whereby the guests queue for the BBQ buffet and some of the meat. They will then sit at the tables to eat. There should be large quantities of food that would supplement the same as for a 3-course meal. Suggestions of buffet food would be: hog roast, meatballs, hotdogs, chilli, pulled pork, cole slaw, baked beans, watermelon (served on a cactus), mac and cheese etc.

 cactus meatballs menu



Rather than having a bar at the wedding, it could be suggested that the couple have several beer barrels of which there are several options of beverages – such as: beer, cider, fruit juice etc. The barrels will have a tap coming from them and the guests are freely allowed to enjoy the pleasure of unlimited drinks. The beverages could be served in glass mugs with engraved cowboys boots, the date of the wedding and the couple’s names. This also acts as a souvenir or favor from the wedding.

mug drinks tap


With this theme, you are able to create the most simple yet unique favor ideas. With the following suggestions, they can be given out at different points during the wedding such as at the table, on the seats during the ceremony and as they leave. The suggestions are: wagon wheels, golden nuggets/toffee popcorn and a bottle opener. The images below demonstrate these entertaining ideas.

 goldne cowboy boots

wagon wheel

Wedding cake

To add a little more caricature to the wedding, it is suggested for a cowboy theme that there is a ‘Toy Story’ wedding cake.

cowboy cake

On the other hand, if you would like a more classical cowboy theme rather than a ‘fun’ one then there is also the option of a more classical cowboy wedding cake, similar to the one shown below. The brown/cream colours link with the theme to give a wooden, rustic and country feel.

 Depending on the capacity of attendees for the wedding, you choice of wedding cake can be altered to have more tiers. Otherwise, you could additionally supply cowboy cupcakes that surround the wedding cake.

cowboy cupcake

cowboy wedding cake


In the evening, it would be ideal for the guests to have a separate area to communicate, relax and enjoy the surrounding entertainment. Therefore, the outdoor area could host haystacks where the guests are able to sit around a fire. Additionally there could be some games such as hula-hoop throwing, shooting cans and apple bobbing.

bonfire haystacks apple bobbing


The couple could possibly hire a country and western band. On the other hand, they could also hire a Taylor Swift or Jason Alden impersonator. During the band, the guests could participate in some line dancing which adds more value to the cowboy theme.


All guests could arrive with tractors and hay bales. The bride could arrive on horse-back just before the ceremony.

By Hannah Walsh

Wedding Theme: The Great Gatsby

Wedding Theme: The Great Gatsby


Every event should have a common thread. To build this one in a wedding it should have a theme witch attend the whole event. The theme for the following wedding is The Great Gatsby. The Great Gatsby is a novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald and takes place in 1922. The fashion in the twenties is scarred by lots of pearl necklaces, feather boas, headbands and pixie cuts. The music is dominated by Jazz and Swing bands.

The ideal venue:

The Bloomsbury Ballroom is located within the Victoria House in London. The room is kept in the style of 1920 thereby the location brings along the perfect requirements for a Great Gatsby wedding. The location can be used for celebration and also for the ceremony of the wedding. Thus spares a transportation for the whole wedding party from one place to another. The Ballroom disposes a stage where the planned entertainment can be held. By the use of round table dining the room can capture 300 guests.

Wedding attire:


The bride can choose a dress in white or champagne-colored. To mirror the Gatsby style the dress should have elements of gold and black. The accessory consists of a lot of jewelry including pearls and headgear. The make-up can be in suspension of gold and black to reflect segments of the dress. The hair should be pinned-up to match the twenties. The hairstyle can also be with curls or water waves.


The groom’s suit should be adjusted to the dress of the bride. This means if the dress has elements of black and gold the suit should have them too. The suit could be black or dark blue. Colors of the dress can be absorbed like the examples in the pictures below. Long tie or bow tie is optional appropriate to the preferences of the groom.

Food and beverage:

To the cake should be coffee and tea served. During the dinner there can be every think from wine over soft drinks to champagne. After the dinner special cocktails from the 1920’s can be offered.

During the champagne reception can some finger food be served.

The food should a large facet of dishes for the different kind of tastes of the guests. For example something for the vegetarian and also meat and fish.

Wedding cake:

The wedding cake can be a combination of black, white and gold, like the picture below. It could also be more related to the Great Gatsby movie with recognizable symbols and pattern and some pearls and feathers.

Floral decor:

The decoration can be featured in black, white and gold. This is mainly reflected in the table decoration. A strong symbol of the Gatsby time is also the feather. They should be included in the decoration. Even some pearls can be used for the decoration.

The invitation cards and also the table cards for the guest can be designed in the style of the Great Gatsby.

Music and entertainment:

At the beginning of the celebration during a champagne reception a DJs play some music from the jazz genre. That can be old classics and also jazz remixes of the latest charts. After the dinner has been served and finished a Jazz band can relieves the DJ, this can also be done later. When the band starts the bridal couple will do their wedding dance and after they are finished the whole wedding party can join them.

During the breaks of the band Burlesque or Charleston dancer can entertain the wedding guest and this breaks offer also space for speeches. After the band ended it is the DJs turn again.

A photo booth can be prepares so the wedding party can take photos of themselves and get the chance to save their own memories of the event.–the-great-gatsby-look.aspx


After celebrating the wedding day with friend and family, groom and bride take off to their honeymoon in an original car from the 1920’s.

Text by Sophia Jürgens

Engagement proposal idea: ‘Love is in the air’

Engagement proposal idea: ‘Love is in the air’


After researching for a unique way of proposing, I came across the idea of using skywriting/banner to ask the special question to a loved one.


The guy named Justin (aged 24) is Australian and the girl named Ally (aged 25) is British.

The guy is a successful marketing director for a large events company in Melbourne. He grew up in Brisbane and moved to Melbourne at the age of 22 to kick-start his professional career. Justin promotes events for a living so he loves attending the most extravagant, quirky and fun events that the city and other cities in Australia have to offer. He is very sociable and hard working.

Ally is 25 years old and after finishing her studies in International Business Management at Newcastle University at the age of 22, she took a gap year to go and work/travel abroad in Australia. Whilst on her travels, she attended some of the biggest events and festivals in Australia, such as the Australian Grand Prix in Melbourne. During her time working and exploring Melbourne, she attended the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival, of which Justin also attended as part of his work. They met whilst both enjoying some wine in one of the marquees and they got into long discussion. From this, they found that they shared much of the same interests.

They continued to talk to one another and regularly met up at other events before finally becoming a couple.

Ally managed to extend her visa for another 2 years before eventually moving to Australia where she secured a management position in a large recruitment agency in Melbourne. Ally and Justin were living happily together over this 2-year period and Justin has the intention of proposing to her.


The couple decide to spend New Year’s Eve in Sydney.


Justin surprises Ally by booking New Year’s Eve at the luxurious Shangri-La Hotel in Sydney. The hotel restaurant boasts floor-to-ceiling windows, which overlook Sydney Harbor Bridge and Sydney Opera House. Justin books a table that sits adjacent to the windows so the couple can really enjoy the spectacular views.

Screen Shot 2015-02-20 at 11.08.15

Screen Shot 2015-02-20 at 11.08.56Screen Shot 2015-02-20 at 11.09.23


Justin has also booked a surprise ‘skywriter’ plane (there are a few companies in Sydney that can cater for this) that will fly by in moderate distance past the hotel restaurant just after the couple have enjoyed their meal. Justin will turn Ally’s attention towards the view out the window. The plane will have the banner ‘Will you marry me Ally?’ attached to the end as it does a fly by past the window. Justin will then get down on one knee and pop the question himself. A bottle of champagne will then be brought over for celebration.

Screen Shot 2015-02-20 at 11.12.11

Screen Shot 2015-02-20 at 11.13.22

This first part of the proposal will take place late evening and will end with them enjoying cocktails and lounging in the hotel bar with phenomenal views of the New Year’s Eve firework display over Sydney Harbor Bridge at midnight.

Screen Shot 2015-02-20 at 11.14.04

Other proposal ideas:

Live Lip-dub proposal :

Meme proposal:

Movie trailer proposal :

By Hannah Walsh

B Loved

B Loved


It’s certainly a truth that you feel crazily inspired when you least expect it. B Loved wins my vote as ‘favourite wedding blog’ because it adds a whole new spin on the typical wedding blog filled with flowers, caviar, locations and other wedding fantasies. Instead B Loved delivers beauty, affordability, dream destination suggestions and inspiration.

Bespoken with a pure blank canvas as a background, this is pleasing to the eye and purifies love as tender. Many blogs can offer ways of achieving the generic ‘dreamy’ wedding, however B Loved inspires to meet any budget. Editor in chief and Founder, Louise Beukes and her team, work together to feature the newest trends in wedding design.

Navigating my way through the blog to the ‘Weddings’ section, posts in this section are separated from one another in a polaroid formation – symbolising the value of capturing and gathering the perfect image for your wedding.

Screen Shot 2015-01-27 at 09.35.57

Categories under this section are intriguing in their initial conceptual title such as ‘Country Classic’ and ‘Faded Winter Glamour’. Further into each unique post, they are majorly outweighed by photographs with an accompanying delicate description, explaining the meaning and purpose of the post.

Screen Shot 2015-01-27 at 09.03.09

For those posts that present the ‘newest’ trends, they are credibly addressed directly to the reader. The blog gives their own spin on the trends with a real opinion. This is beneficial for the reader as they aren’t receiving paragraphs of empty adjectives to satisfy their needs, like some other wedding blog posts I came across on my search. B Loved doesn’t seem to want to idealise the reader into keeping up with the latest wedding trends. They interpret the trends fittingly to give more suggested ideas.

Favourably, the blog also includes real stories from real brides or brides to be. The stories are shared from the brides’/bride to be’s personal experience, giving inspiration rather than a biased view on how to create your dream wedding. This combination in the blog offers a friendly and trusting approach, as the reader gains useful inspiration throughout each individual post.

Also on the blog, B Loved share their devotion in gaining inspiration from a range of professionals in the outside world as well as help give wedding businesses the knowledge, tools and skills to help them grow. They achieve this by hosting events such as ‘Flourish and Prosper: The Wedding Academy 2014’ where businesses learn from the professionals. Although these events may seem irrelevant to the blog reader, B Loved reassure the reader that there is added value to them too. The events create a community of suppliers that the reader is able to trust.

Screen Shot 2015-01-27 at 10.32.10

The blog is continuously getting involved in the wedding industry, creating more similar events such as ‘The Styling Workshop’ in April 2015 in the UK, where big magazine editors will be attending such as ‘You & Your Wedding’ Magazine. Sharing these events enhances a trusting relationship between the reader and the writer as they connect through inspiration towards creating the ‘dream’ wedding.

Additionally, readers are encouraged to connect with the blog through social media such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram where new trends, inspirations and stories are forever being posted. Go and take a look at their website for yourself to see why this is my favourite wedding blog:


By Hannah Walsh