Style Me Pretty

Style Me Pretty

Nowadays, many couples use the web for references, ideas or inspiration while planning their weddings. They could be websites of photographers, wedding planner companies, online wedding magazine or some kind of social media applications such as Pinterest and Instagram. In my opinion, wedding planning blogs can be a great and useful resources for grooms and brides planning a wedding in any location. They can find inspiration from pictures of real weddings in their city or state, DIY projects and recommendations for local vendors from wedding blogs. Also, there are posts in which bloggers have shared some tips that they got through practical experience, non-profit at all. Since then, viewers will be able to find themselves helpful, reliable and objective advice.

One of the leading wedding blogs is Style Me Pretty which was established in 2007. Abby Larson, the creator, manager, and writer of this blog, has put together a fantastic and easy-to-use resource for brides and claims that this site is the ultimate wedding blog.

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Style Me Pretty contains many topics and abundant fields relating to wedding. If you are looking for a wedding planner or photographer in your own place or a specific area, take a glance at the Little Black Book section on this blog where Abby has separated vendors with different professions by area.  For instance, an European brides can find local vendors for her make up or dress and real weddings that have taken place in many European locations. In addition, this section provides many kinds of vendors fitting with your main purpose such as Eco green (environment-friendly vendor), Shipping Services and  Handmade guides.

One of the most interesting section on Style Me Pretty is the Real Weddings section, which is considered as the heart and soul of this blog. It is separated for 5 sub-sections that is By Style, By Season, By Settings, By Flower and By Location. Specially in By Style. You can freely get yourself many unique ideas by 8 categories, for example, Vintage, Casual, Nautical and Do It Yourself, etc. There are pictures of inspiring wedding for every bride.

With the declining economy, many brides and grooms are trying to cut corners but still have a deeply personal, beautiful and unforgettable celebrations. In this wedding planning blog, let’s take a peek at DIY Projects, where you can find out handmade things, crafted by designers and reader alike, that can elevate an event. Budget Beautiful in the Real Weddings section that I mentioned above is also a helpful place for you.

This wedding blog is an amazing resource for all couples from all over the world who are searching for inspirations and planning for a unique wonderful wedding ceremonies. It lives up to its claim to be the ultimate wedding planning blog and deserves being a leading wedding blog for years.

QUYEN LE (Daisy)


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