Wedding Thingz Blog Anlaysis

Wedding Thingz Blog Anlaysis


Not just your average bride? Giving helpful creative designs, Wedding Thingz blog provides viewers with do it yourself ideas to personalise every wedding. From save the date cards to hairstyles, every detail of a wedding can be personalised by a little creativity. As an award-winning blog, brides everywhere can trust the advice provided. The blog offers easy do it yourself instructions to distinguish any wedding. It provides information and advice for contemporary, creative, stylish wedding. In the beyond section of the blog before and after wedding, lifestyle problems are discussed. Covering issues such as fashion, pregnancy, parenthood, and more.

With a unique approach to creativity, this blog adds a casual yet elegant touch. No matter what your art ability is you can easily complete these activities, most include a step by step guide. With every little personalisation, a wedding becomes special. Along with the DIY instructions, Wedding Thingz includes a helpful lifestyle section. Planning a wedding can be a very stressful activity, in the lifestyle section there is post with helpful tips relax. This section adds value to the overall blog because it takes all aspects of planning a wedding and life thereafter into account; making it a universal blog not just directed to planning and providing ideas for weddings. One of the most interesting features of Wedding Thingz is the format of the blog. While it includes sophisticated material it is similar to an online magazine. Meaning everything is separated intosave the date appropriate categories. By using this format, more viewers can understand and access the information available. Although in the format of an online magazine the blog does offer a summary video, in this video viewers are given a sneak peek to the information provided by the blog. This features provides first time visitors a chance to fully understand what the blog is about, and the type of advice available from it.

When deciding between the many wedding blogs, Wedding Thingz really stood out to me because of the creative theme. I would not describe myself as crafty; however, I related to the idea of adding DIY touches to a wedding. Having attended several wedding where creativity was evident, I have always wanted to add a unique concept to my wedding. Due to the step-by-step guides available, I could personalise my wedding. One aspect that is favourable for non-artistic clients would be the readability of the blog. Along with the picture guides, there are also very detailed instructions for each idea. The overall blog boasts a similar readability, this makes it easy and enjoyable to read. I noticed some of the other blogs used specific language that most people may not understand. In some cases, the language being used could only describe one style. This makes it more difficult for every bride to take inspiration from the blog post.

Finally, while reading Wedding Thingz, I noticed the unique topics discussed. Because of the DIY, approach taken aspects of a wedding normally ignored, are discussed. One example would be the section for grooms. Most other blogs tend to ignore the groom, Wedding Thingz dedicates an entire section on advice for grooms. While I found this blog very interesting and enjoyed analysing, I found a few improvements to make. While the blog post include many beautiful photos, the overall background of the blog is quite boring. It lacks creativity which is the biggest selling points of this blog. By just adding a few colours to the background, viewers are immediately exposed to the information available. When first visiting the blog, I noticed that some of the larger photos do not fit into the desired frame. This makes the blog look unprofessional. I would recommend changing the format of those photos as to include everything. This will improve the overall appearance of the blog. With these few changes, Wedding Thingz could possibly receive more viewers. From the creative DIY ideas to the unique topics, Wedding Thingz provides useful information for every bride or planner.

 Text by: Kat Cloud


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