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B Loved


It’s certainly a truth that you feel crazily inspired when you least expect it. B Loved wins my vote as ‘favourite wedding blog’ because it adds a whole new spin on the typical wedding blog filled with flowers, caviar, locations and other wedding fantasies. Instead B Loved delivers beauty, affordability, dream destination suggestions and inspiration.

Bespoken with a pure blank canvas as a background, this is pleasing to the eye and purifies love as tender. Many blogs can offer ways of achieving the generic ‘dreamy’ wedding, however B Loved inspires to meet any budget. Editor in chief and Founder, Louise Beukes and her team, work together to feature the newest trends in wedding design.

Navigating my way through the blog to the ‘Weddings’ section, posts in this section are separated from one another in a polaroid formation – symbolising the value of capturing and gathering the perfect image for your wedding.

Screen Shot 2015-01-27 at 09.35.57

Categories under this section are intriguing in their initial conceptual title such as ‘Country Classic’ and ‘Faded Winter Glamour’. Further into each unique post, they are majorly outweighed by photographs with an accompanying delicate description, explaining the meaning and purpose of the post.

Screen Shot 2015-01-27 at 09.03.09

For those posts that present the ‘newest’ trends, they are credibly addressed directly to the reader. The blog gives their own spin on the trends with a real opinion. This is beneficial for the reader as they aren’t receiving paragraphs of empty adjectives to satisfy their needs, like some other wedding blog posts I came across on my search. B Loved doesn’t seem to want to idealise the reader into keeping up with the latest wedding trends. They interpret the trends fittingly to give more suggested ideas.

Favourably, the blog also includes real stories from real brides or brides to be. The stories are shared from the brides’/bride to be’s personal experience, giving inspiration rather than a biased view on how to create your dream wedding. This combination in the blog offers a friendly and trusting approach, as the reader gains useful inspiration throughout each individual post.

Also on the blog, B Loved share their devotion in gaining inspiration from a range of professionals in the outside world as well as help give wedding businesses the knowledge, tools and skills to help them grow. They achieve this by hosting events such as ‘Flourish and Prosper: The Wedding Academy 2014’ where businesses learn from the professionals. Although these events may seem irrelevant to the blog reader, B Loved reassure the reader that there is added value to them too. The events create a community of suppliers that the reader is able to trust.

Screen Shot 2015-01-27 at 10.32.10

The blog is continuously getting involved in the wedding industry, creating more similar events such as ‘The Styling Workshop’ in April 2015 in the UK, where big magazine editors will be attending such as ‘You & Your Wedding’ Magazine. Sharing these events enhances a trusting relationship between the reader and the writer as they connect through inspiration towards creating the ‘dream’ wedding.

Additionally, readers are encouraged to connect with the blog through social media such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram where new trends, inspirations and stories are forever being posted. Go and take a look at their website for yourself to see why this is my favourite wedding blog:



By Hannah Walsh



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