Wedding Theme: The Great Gatsby

Wedding Theme: The Great Gatsby


Every event should have a common thread. To build this one in a wedding it should have a theme witch attend the whole event. The theme for the following wedding is The Great Gatsby. The Great Gatsby is a novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald and takes place in 1922. The fashion in the twenties is scarred by lots of pearl necklaces, feather boas, headbands and pixie cuts. The music is dominated by Jazz and Swing bands.

The ideal venue:

The Bloomsbury Ballroom is located within the Victoria House in London. The room is kept in the style of 1920 thereby the location brings along the perfect requirements for a Great Gatsby wedding. The location can be used for celebration and also for the ceremony of the wedding. Thus spares a transportation for the whole wedding party from one place to another. The Ballroom disposes a stage where the planned entertainment can be held. By the use of round table dining the room can capture 300 guests.

Wedding attire:


The bride can choose a dress in white or champagne-colored. To mirror the Gatsby style the dress should have elements of gold and black. The accessory consists of a lot of jewelry including pearls and headgear. The make-up can be in suspension of gold and black to reflect segments of the dress. The hair should be pinned-up to match the twenties. The hairstyle can also be with curls or water waves.


The groom’s suit should be adjusted to the dress of the bride. This means if the dress has elements of black and gold the suit should have them too. The suit could be black or dark blue. Colors of the dress can be absorbed like the examples in the pictures below. Long tie or bow tie is optional appropriate to the preferences of the groom.

Food and beverage:

To the cake should be coffee and tea served. During the dinner there can be every think from wine over soft drinks to champagne. After the dinner special cocktails from the 1920’s can be offered.

During the champagne reception can some finger food be served.

The food should a large facet of dishes for the different kind of tastes of the guests. For example something for the vegetarian and also meat and fish.

Wedding cake:

The wedding cake can be a combination of black, white and gold, like the picture below. It could also be more related to the Great Gatsby movie with recognizable symbols and pattern and some pearls and feathers.

Floral decor:

The decoration can be featured in black, white and gold. This is mainly reflected in the table decoration. A strong symbol of the Gatsby time is also the feather. They should be included in the decoration. Even some pearls can be used for the decoration.

The invitation cards and also the table cards for the guest can be designed in the style of the Great Gatsby.

Music and entertainment:

At the beginning of the celebration during a champagne reception a DJs play some music from the jazz genre. That can be old classics and also jazz remixes of the latest charts. After the dinner has been served and finished a Jazz band can relieves the DJ, this can also be done later. When the band starts the bridal couple will do their wedding dance and after they are finished the whole wedding party can join them.

During the breaks of the band Burlesque or Charleston dancer can entertain the wedding guest and this breaks offer also space for speeches. After the band ended it is the DJs turn again.

A photo booth can be prepares so the wedding party can take photos of themselves and get the chance to save their own memories of the event.–the-great-gatsby-look.aspx


After celebrating the wedding day with friend and family, groom and bride take off to their honeymoon in an original car from the 1920’s.

Text by Sophia Jürgens


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