Wedding theme: Yee-ha cowboy!

Wedding theme: Yee-ha cowboy!


Invitations are a key component in wedding planning because they set the tone of what the wedding will be like on the day and also illustrate how the guests can prepare for the celebration. This invitation helps to not only envision the theme of the wedding whereby cowboys are renowned for capturing horses with roped loops; but also metaphorically represents the phrase ‘tie the knot’. Beneath the knot, pertinent information will be written with regards to the where, when, who and RSVP of the wedding. The dress code will also be clearly stated in order to fulfill the theme concept.

cowboy invitation

Venue and decoration

A cowboy’s lifestyle is typically seen as rustic, country-style living and western. Therefore, this should be reflected in the decoration and venue choice of the wedding.

The chosen venue is: Red and White American Barn. The venue destination is America due to cowboys originating from North America ranches. The barn will be moderately modern and converted, suitable for the classic wedding that will be held there such as the one in the image below.


For the ceremony, it would be visually appealing to place cowboy boots filled with flowers all along the sides of the aisle. The decoration inside the barn will display fairy lights, lanterns and light bulbs hanging from the ceiling as well as some cream draped fabric along the wooden panels. It is a creative suggestion to arrange seating for about 6 people per rectangular table. The seating won’t be the typical chair with covers; instead, they will sit on beer barrels. Although not the comfiest option when eating a meal, it creates more of an easy-going and adventurous atmosphere.


The table settings could be wrapped in a neckerchief, as shown in the picture below. This then also acts as a favor.


Wedding attire

The Bride and Bridesmaids

The bride could wear a mid length ivory lace dress, with a burgundy fabric tied around the waist. The bridesmaids will then have burgundy dresses with a bouquet filled with yellows, whites and reds. This symbolizes the colours of a cowboy outfit, especially Woody’s out of toy story! The girls will all wear cowboy boots, including the bride. The whole idea is a laid-back look and western feel. The bride could also arrive to the ceremony on horse-back.

bridesmaids wedding dress

The Groom

The Groom will typically be dressed as a cowboy.

Food and beverage

Typically American and Cowboy-inspired, the food will be in the form of a BBQ and a hog roast. It will be casual dining whereby the guests queue for the BBQ buffet and some of the meat. They will then sit at the tables to eat. There should be large quantities of food that would supplement the same as for a 3-course meal. Suggestions of buffet food would be: hog roast, meatballs, hotdogs, chilli, pulled pork, cole slaw, baked beans, watermelon (served on a cactus), mac and cheese etc.

 cactus meatballs menu



Rather than having a bar at the wedding, it could be suggested that the couple have several beer barrels of which there are several options of beverages – such as: beer, cider, fruit juice etc. The barrels will have a tap coming from them and the guests are freely allowed to enjoy the pleasure of unlimited drinks. The beverages could be served in glass mugs with engraved cowboys boots, the date of the wedding and the couple’s names. This also acts as a souvenir or favor from the wedding.

mug drinks tap


With this theme, you are able to create the most simple yet unique favor ideas. With the following suggestions, they can be given out at different points during the wedding such as at the table, on the seats during the ceremony and as they leave. The suggestions are: wagon wheels, golden nuggets/toffee popcorn and a bottle opener. The images below demonstrate these entertaining ideas.

 goldne cowboy boots

wagon wheel

Wedding cake

To add a little more caricature to the wedding, it is suggested for a cowboy theme that there is a ‘Toy Story’ wedding cake.

cowboy cake

On the other hand, if you would like a more classical cowboy theme rather than a ‘fun’ one then there is also the option of a more classical cowboy wedding cake, similar to the one shown below. The brown/cream colours link with the theme to give a wooden, rustic and country feel.

 Depending on the capacity of attendees for the wedding, you choice of wedding cake can be altered to have more tiers. Otherwise, you could additionally supply cowboy cupcakes that surround the wedding cake.

cowboy cupcake

cowboy wedding cake


In the evening, it would be ideal for the guests to have a separate area to communicate, relax and enjoy the surrounding entertainment. Therefore, the outdoor area could host haystacks where the guests are able to sit around a fire. Additionally there could be some games such as hula-hoop throwing, shooting cans and apple bobbing.

bonfire haystacks apple bobbing


The couple could possibly hire a country and western band. On the other hand, they could also hire a Taylor Swift or Jason Alden impersonator. During the band, the guests could participate in some line dancing which adds more value to the cowboy theme.


All guests could arrive with tractors and hay bales. The bride could arrive on horse-back just before the ceremony.

By Hannah Walsh


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