Sweet bouquets – Makea kimppu

Sweet bouquets – Makea kimppu

Alexandra Andreeva is a student at Haaga-Helia in Porvoo. In the end of 2014 she founded Makea kimppu. Makea kimppu is finnish for „sweet bouquet“ and operates in the business fields of floristry and candy and gift selling.


Together with some friends Alexandra produces flowers made of decorative paper with candy inside of them. Like real flowers the bouquets are available in different sizes as well as separately. Because people love to get and to give present and sweets and flowers are the two most popular gifts Alexandra wanted to make the idea of flowers crafted of decorative papers with candy popular in Finland. Flowers are universal product that can be a part of any event as a gift and as a stylish decoration.


Makea kimppu can be used on birthdays, graduation parties, weddings, anniversaries and on different holidays. The concept and mission of Alexandra and Makea kimppu is to make people happy through beautiful things with the values of innovation, positivity, passion and creative activity.


Text by Sophia Jürgens


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