Suvi Tanssi – For the Love of Dance

Suvi Tanssi – For the Love of Dance

Suvi Koponen is a dancer and lives in Helsinki. She works in the field of dance and physical education. Dancing has been a part of her life for the last 25 years. The experience in the national team dance competition in Finland was her inspiration to establish a professional dancing studio. Suvi Koponen teaches, among other things, the following types of dance: Latin Dance, Dance Classes, Bailatino, Body Care & Stretching and Couple Dance. Besides Suvi Koponen is a personal trainer and helps people who would like to get an improved physical feeling.


A lot of couples take teaching lessons for their upcoming wedding. With the help of Suvi Koponen every couple is able to have a romantic and harmonic wedding dance.

We are happy to welcome Suvi Tanssi with a special wedding dance workshop at our wedding fair on 15th of May!




Source: Suvi Tanssi

Text by Jennifer Steinweg


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