Wedding theme: Vintage with a Twist

Wedding theme: Vintage with a Twist

A wedding is an event that has been going on for centuries now. Probably, it will never die down since love is a feeling possessed by all of us in one way or another whether it be a friendship kind of love or a romantic one. In this post, I have put together a “vintage” themed wedding with a twist (the venue) which will hopefully be an inspiration for you readers.

Let’s start with the wedding invitations. The couple love photography and they wanted to incorporate their interests in their wedding. One way to do this is to personalize the wedding invitations which speak of the couple. I chose a camera shaped DIY invitation card to symbolize their love for taking photographs.


Hearing the word “vintage” one would think the wedding will be held in an old building, barn, or outdoors. This one’s different. It’s very modern. After hearing their love story, I found out that the bride-to-be loves heights. The height freak in me got excited and knew exactly which venue I would recommend to the couple. It was perfect since the venue is located in Spain where the girl comes from. I knew they wanted their wedding to be held in either Spain or the US so I eagerly asked them if they were interested in renting a ROOFTOP space in Hotel Pulitzer in Barcelona or in the Canary Hotel in California. The couple were stoked with the suggestion and impatiently waited for me to show them a photo of the possible locations.

Canary Hotel



Hotel Pulitzer



Since the entire wedding revolves around vintage, the couple wanted to rent a 1960s car for their wedding. They wanted to keep their wedding simple and intimate so they strictly told me not to decorate the venue extravagantly. Wood was a given since it’s vintage themed. The colours for decorations will be not be vibrant, but instead cool and toned down like peach and baby pink keeping a pastel colour palette.


Grey lanterns with pastel coloured candles lit inside will be scattered through the floors. Depending on the weather, some nights can be chilly so I suggested that we put knitted scarves neatly hanging on some chairs so guests will stay warm if needed.

The aisle will have a touch of vintage too with short logs on either side of the aisle.




The girl wanted to stick to the traditional white wedding gown colour, but wanted to add a touch of pastel colour to tie in with the decoration colours. The guy’s favorite colour is grey so he wanted his groomsmen to wear a grey vest while he wears a white suit with a grey inner collared shirt. The girl wanted to join in with the grey colour and would ask her bridesmaids to wear grey too.







I decided to go for a buffet, since food is a must and is a huge part of their culture. Lots and lots of it. Keeping the theme of vintage consistent, the buffet table, wine glasses, and decorations on the food tables have an element of vintage too. They wanted their wedding reception to fall during the night so one main decoration item was lights.



A few peach flowers on top of a thin wooden tree trunk base will be used as the decoration for the table centrepiece.



Dancing, releasing of lanterns into the air at the rooftop, and games are a definite program in this couples’ wedding. Since they love adventure and photography, a treasure hunt using cameras will be a game activity organised to entertain the guests and have fun!






Text by: Tara Morales



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