Wedding Theme: Margaritaville

Wedding Theme: Margaritaville

Margaritaville Wedding Theme:

This particular wedding theme is ideal for a more relaxed couple who love to have fun on the beach and enjoy life. Due to the casual atmosphere of the reception and ceremony a strict couple looking for romance would not enjoy this theme. I would recommend this type of wedding for a young couple or even a couple getting married for the second time just looking for a fun weekend in paradise. Below I have included some recommendations for certain aspects of your perfect wedding.

Invitations: With the theme of the wedding being margaritaville which symbolises paradise, the perfect style for a wedding invitation would be a message in a bottle. This is because of the distinct relationship a message in a bottle has with beaches and paradise. The actual paper invitation could have the incorporation of margaritas and Jimmy Buffet.invitation With this style of invitation guest have the chance to receive an interesting invitation that they do not normally receive.



Location: The perfect location for a wedding in this theme would be Key West, Florida. The location specifically dedicated to the celebration of Jimmy Buffet and his popular song Margaritaville. Key West is home to many beautiful beaches that offer the perfect setting for a wedding. While the temperature can sometimes be very hot if you plan accordingly the guest will not even notice.

One thing to note would be the hurricane season, occurring between June to November. There are not hurricanes every month, most tend to occur between September and November. You can find more information about weather and safety     


Wedding Attire: For any beach wedding the perfect attire is loose-fitting and relaxed. Being in a hot location like Key West every member of the wedding party will want attire that does not make them over heat and sweat. For the bride I feel a good fit for a margaritaville wedding would be a simple yet elegant gown. The dress can have a little bling on it however the wedding theme dictates a relaxed atmosphere therefore too much bling would not match. A good idea for the bride would be a strapless wedding dress, this creates maximum comfort in regards to heat control. Being on the beach a long veil would be appropriate, especially given the sandy location of Key West, Florida. That is why I feel the best option would be a beautiful yet simple birdcage style veil. Given the time and creativity a bride could easily personalise and decorate the veil with beach inspired decorations. For a wedding on the beach I would recommend the bride wears her hair in an up-do. Simply because of the wind and heat typical to Key West, Florida. For the bride simple beach inspired jewellery will offer elegance to a relaxed wedding. While I would stay away from long huge pearls and diamonds little sea inspired earrings and necklaces would mesh with the wedding theme nicely. For both the bride and groom a cute way to personalise their wedding would be to create flip-flops with their names and wedding date on them. These would act as the shoes for the wedding. Being on a beach location flip-flops will offer the best option for footwear. The groom should be dressed in cotton, because it is a light weight fabric that still looks elegant. In regards to heat control he would be best to wear a shirt and a vest however I would recommend staying away from a jacket in order to reduce the chance of overheating. For the wedding party the bridesmaids would be best suited in short dresses that allow them comfort in the hot climate. While the groomsmen would wear an outfit similar to the groom. Lightweight fabric without a jacket. wedding attire

Food/Beverages: Jimmy Buffet makes it very clear in his hit song and inspiration for this wedding that one essential meal choice has to be shrimp. Being a more relaxed wedding reception the best option for meals would be to have a buffet rather than a formal three course meal. This will allow for the guest to grab however much and exactly what they want. Some good ideas for appetisers would be the inclusion of a salsa bar. This will encourage hungry guest to mingle and try different types of salsa. For the children at the wedding rather than giving them a slice of cake they could have sand pudding. Sand pudding is and edible type of pudding that can be played with and moulded. This could easily entertain the kids table for hours.

food final

Cake: For a wedding that is all about having fun and enjoying the beach the perfect cake should include all aspects of that. This cake offers a fun alternative to the typical wedding cake. It is fun and a little crazy but still professionally done and appealing to look at. One cute alternative to the traditional wedding topper would be two beach chairs, these match the wedding theme and are unique cake topper to keep and add as decoration to your future home.  cake final

Decorations: For a wedding in this style and nature the decorations need to be fun and exciting. It is important to make sure you get the guest involved and included in the decoration by having colourful and fun decorations. Being a beach style wedding there needs to be a lot of natural flowers and beach balls. One way to easily decorate the serving areas would be by adding a grass skirt this creates the illusion of beach time blues, while still abiding by the wedding theme. Of course there needs to tons of margarita glasses on every table. One way to brighten the decorations would be to use Florida’s natural flowers, these will provide elegance during the ceremony.  decorations final

 Transportation: With this being a beach wedding the best option would be to have a beach buggy. With these you can easily travel from one location to another. Because so many resorts have this style of transportation there is the potential of renting one from the resort. If possible you could decorate it depending on if it is the bride or grooms mode of transportation. However for those bride and grooms who leave on their honeymoon they have the option to rent a nicer car such as a typical beach car. This would be the perfect ending to your wedding reception. Being a classic car that used to populate the beach on the weekends it will blend well with your wedding theme.




Margaritaville by Jimmy Buffet

This song represents the meaning of relaxing on the beach. As the main influence in this wedding theme the song needs to have a strong presence during thejimmy reception. In America this song is quite widely known, ages from 10-70 known and enjoy this song. The song creates a relaxed atmosphere which could be very useful in a wedding scenario.




Gifts for wedding party: For those closest to the bride and groom a good gift would be a personalised margarita glass. This could include the friend’s name their position in the wedding party and the date, location, and name of the wedding ceremony. This gift would be the bride and groom thanking their friends for being there and helping them through this stressful process of planning a wedding. For brides on a budget these types of gifts tend to be on the less expensive side and allow you to add a personal thank you.  gift

Other:  One aspect of a wedding that will really get your guest involved would include a photo area. This area could include a huge sign depicting the location of the wedding, in this case a Key West, Florida sign would be the best. This gets your guest involved and allows them to remember the wedding with their own personal photos.

If you are planning this as a destination wedding one thing to keep in mind would be a day tour of Key West including points like the Margaritaville Bar. This will provide out-of-town guest with entertainment and a history of Key West.

wedding photo


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Text by Kat Cloud


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