Adventure themed wedding

Adventure themed wedding

This wedding is perfect for a genuinely adventurous couple, whether they are into hiking, camping, rock climbing or skiing. A well rounded adventurer will love the location and the outdoor setting of this wedding. After all Kitzbühel is a centre for all things sporty.

The wedding will be held in a church in the centre of town giving a traditional wedding ceremony. After the ceremony, guests will stroll through town to the gondola station and take the gondola up to the top of the mountain where the reception will be held in a mountain top chalet.


A view across Kitzbühel. Source:

Kitzbuhel summer wedding

Kitzbühel church wedding.  Source:

Summer is the perfect time for this type wedding. The weather is warm, flowers are in bloom across the mountain and the odds of a no rain are in your favour. This time of year you can actually enjoy the sunshine, sit on the terrace and wont have to constantly dodge skiers trying to show off!


Kitzbühel chalet.

'Just Married' Gondola Ride at Killington Resort

Gondola to the reception. Source

The theme and décor of this wedding will be rather relaxed, incorporating many natural and rustic elements, all coinciding with the adventure theme and personality of the couple. The save the date cards are one of the most important features that set the tone of the wedding and give guests an idea of what to expect. For this wedding the cards will not only have all of the important information but will also depict a mountain scene with the words “our adventure begins” therefore setting the scene for the wedding. The cards can be purchased here.


A great idea for a save the date card

Save the date cards. Source:

In order to direct guests from the chairlift to the reception chalet, signs with adventure quotes will be propped up on trees, enforcing that all important theme.


I knew when I saw you an adventure was going to happen- by GrabersGraphics


Perfect. In every way.


Once inside the chalet, the place settings will be in tune with the rustic theme with the possibility of using thin tree stumps for the place mats and mini stumps being used for the seating card holders.


Perfect if your seating is outdoors

Place setting. Source:

Mini tree stump seating card holders - great for a mountain wedding! Photo by Alison VagniniSeating card holders. Source: Alison Vagnini

On each table there will be a couple disposable cameras with a list of “I Spy” targets which must be photographed such as ‘the biggest smile’ and ‘cutest older couple’. Games such as hide and seek in the nearby area may also be suggested. This is a great way to not only get a view of the wedding from the guests perspective but to also keep (younger) guests entertained as weddings can be a rather long event for younger members.


I Spy cards, a great way to get a different view of the wedding!I Spy check list. Source:

The cake will be in keeping with the theme either by having a simple summer wedding cake placed on top of a tree stump matching the place mats or you could opt for a simple cake decorated with summer fruits and deer on the top, representing the couples love of nature and wildlife.


tree stump cake stand is adorable; with clusters of fresh flowers on the cake, photo by Wright Photographs

Cake suggestion. Source:

Cake suggestion. Source:

The drinks served at the reception will undoubtedly depend on the tastes of the couple and could range from champagne to cider. For this style of wedding you could definitely have a mix and serve both, switching to beer or DIY cocktails as the night progresses.


Cocktail wedding favour

DIY cocktails. Source

what to drink? beer of course!  Source-

Stiegl beer. Source:

If the mountain top you chose has a lake or you as a couple are into water sports, this boat cool box would look great! This could easily be paired with the option of using mini compasses as seating card holders doubling up as party favours.


If your getting married by a lake, this kind of needs to be there...

Rowing boat cool box. Source:

compass favor & seating card.

Seating card holders. Sourcee:

As this wedding is held outside in the summertime and is a more casual affair than typical weddings, I think that pink and navy would be a great combination for the bride and groom. Its classy and smart whilst also suiting the setting more than your typical black and white.

Pink and Navy. Great for an outdoor wedding

Groom’s Suit. Source:

A simple and casual dress

Brides dress. Source: Sherri Hill

For the music- band or DJ? Well that’s really up to the individual you. But if you did opt for a band, you could check out a local band and spend your night dancing away to typical Tyrolean music. The choice is yours!

Does this wedding sound appealing to you? If so head over to the Kitzbühel website to find out more about this enchanting town. If you do decide to go with Kitzbühel, here’s a link to a local wedding planner who could help you every step of the way, after all location weddings are a bit trickier.

If you would like any more inspiration on the topic of adventure themed weddings, check out this pinterest post!

Text by Jessica Harrington


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