The multicultural model agency

The multicultural model agency



Choco Promotion is the most multicultural model agency and PR firm in Finland.  They offer models with any skin color to satisfy the customers’ needs. On their website they mention that they have models ranging from an Elovena type girl to a Pocahontas type girl as well as any other type imaginable.
Choco promotions offer multiple different things such as promoters for exhibitions, PR models, VIP and host services, brand ambassadors as well as models for fashion shows.
The creative director of the company is Mona Musse who started the company wanting to bring different color models to the industry.
The company also has a choco fit & model training school/course that has been launched together with a company called fit power. The course teaches about workouts, how to pose in different fitness competitions and how to be a PR-model.  While learning these helpful tips they also train their people to get into the best shape possible. The instructors at the course are industry professionals such as Teri Niitti, Satu Tuomisto, Tea Khalifa, Jasmin Quick and Tommi Aadeli. Mona will also work with the clients as a mental coach to fully round each individual into the total package.
You can find more information about Fit Power and Choco promotion on social Media and on their website:
Choco Promotion
Fit Power and Choco fit model training
Choco promotion models  will be walking down the runway in the gorgeous wedding dresses on May 15th, 2015. Come to Pasila Campus and see the stunning models yourself!
 Text by Riikka Williams

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