Wedding Theme: Bella Italia

Wedding Theme: Bella Italia




A wedding with the topic Bella Italia is perfect for Italy lovers or a couple which is in another way related or fascinated by the country. Italian mentality is well known for its passion, importance of family and love. So why not marrying in such a country?

The whole marriage should contain Italian elements such as red wine, antipasti or an Italian live band. The decoration includes flowers and candles in natural colours combined with other natural elements. Also the outfits of the bride, the groom and the bridesmaids are inspired by these colours.

The whole marriage is supposed to convey the Italian lifestyle, which means an atmosphere of lightness and passion. This is especially reflected by the wedding venue and the fact that the whole party takes place outside in the garden of the hotel with a breath taking view on the Tuscany country side.

Invitation cards:

The invitation cards are simple but still elegant and suitable to the topic of natural colours and elements.


The wedding will take place in the country side of the Italian region Tuscany.

The exact place is called Asciano a hill town in the province of Siena. Asciano provides a medieval character and is surrounded by a beautiful countryside with pure nature. To capture the nature at its most beautiful time the wedding is supposed to take place in summer (june or august).

The wedding ceremony itself will take place in the Sant Agata Church in Asciano. An English speaking priest is also available.

If you are not catholic it is also possible to marry in the beautiful town halls of Pienza, San Giovanni d’Asso or in the Hotel Casa Bianca itself.


San Giovanni d’Asso:

Hotel Casa Bianca:

The tuscan style of the hotel and the belonging garden are perfect for an italian summer wedding.

Wedding attire bride:

The dress is supposed to be playful but at the same time quite simple. Here are some suggestions:


I imagine the hairstyling of the bride as easy looking and with a use of natural elements and colours. Flowers in the hair which can be also find in the decoration of the venue, would create a nice image.

Make up:

Of course the makeup depends on every persons taste, but I would prefer it to be quite restrained, so that the dress is in focus. Especially for the lips I’d suggest a light colour, as you will see below.


Wedding attire groom:

Me personally, I prefer a dark suit, which is why I chose the following suits. The left one is more fitting the topic of nature and natural colours, but I also think the suit with the bow tie is chic and suitable for an Italian wedding.


For the bridesmaids I would suggest light colours which can be found in the decoration aswell. The dresses should not be more spectacular than the wedding dress.

Different colours but the same cut of the dress or the other way around make people recognize who are the bridesmaids, but it still ensures that the bridesmaids are seen as individual supporters of the bride.


   As it is an Italian wedding antipasti can’t be missed. Olives, scampi, bruschetta, parmesan,…

An Italian food lover needs to have a proper dessert. In the following you will find tiramisu, ice cream and much more. Of course the ice cream will be served by a real Italian iceman.


On a hot summer day the wedding guests need a refreshment. What could be better than an ice cold drink?

To welcome the guests there will be prosecco or a fresh raspberry tea offered.

 For dinner the couple and their guests will enjoy a local wine. Of course there are also other drinks offered.

After dinner there will be the possibility to drink a coffee, an espresso or/and a Limon cello.

Homemade Italian cream sodas:

 Wedding cake:

Italian wedding cake inspired by the region the wedding takes place, Tuscany. The berry cake is a typical Italian wedding cake, although it does not look like a typical wedding cake.



This picture reflects exactly the atmosphere I would like to create. Slight and frisky.

A little gift for the wedding guests.

The floral decoration is supposed to be with natural colours such as green, rosé, beige, cream and white. Most of the flowers are roses, which are especially suitable for a wedding, as they are the flowers of love.


Singing waiters:

The actors are dressed as waiters and first serve the dinner as the other waiters do and slowly they start to act strangely and become crazy waiters. They are experienced artists in theatre, music and entertainment. Their show consists of a mix of songs, comedy, juggling, acrobatics and numbers with fire. It’s a great surprise for every wedding guest!

Set List:

New York New York – Frank Sinatra
Diana – Neil Sedaka
Mack The Knife – Frank Sinatra
Come Fly With Me – Micheal Buble
Soul Man – Blues Brothers

Just A Gigolo – David Lee Roth
Someone Like You – Adele
Respect – Aretha Franklin
Natural Woman – Aretha Franklin
L-O-V-E – Natalie Cole

There will be an Italian live band, which will attune the guests on the evening program. They will also accompany the wedding dance.

The wedding dance:

After 23 o’ clock, there will be a DJ, which will play any kind of music.


The wine tasting can be done during the whole day. There will be an expert provided, who gives you advice on your choice of wine.

The cigars on the cigar bar can be enjoyed throughout the whole day.

The photo booth can be used during the whole day. Especially in the evening there will be created great memories of your wedding.

 The lights will ascend to the sky before the DJ starts to play.


The couple will go to the church with an old car, such as an old beetle. Back to the Hotel the bride and groom will take a Vespa or a Piaggo Ape.

Text by Nina Pieper


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