Eat your heart out!

Eat your heart out!

theartofcakesThe Art of Cakes is a bakery located in the heart of beautiful Inkoo. Having opened its doors for business in December 2012 gorgeous and remarkable works of art, are being produced every day. With the creative talents of a self-made cake decorator, the cakes being produced here are top quality moist cakes.

“The Cake is a work of art, Dare to Dream”

               For the owner of The Art of Cakes, Sonja Crockford, this statement embodies her business mission. No cake should be the art of cakes, sonjatoo plain and simple. Sonja is an award winning sugar artist with 35 years of experience. Alan Dunn is her source of inspiration. She looks at his attention to detail and real lifestyle and brings those into her own design. Her skill can be seen in the picture below. This delicious cake was designed and created by Sonja. Her skill in sugar creations can be seen in the intricate and beautiful flowers adorning the cake. Having not gone to pastry school, she is self-taught and highly skilled. However in 2010 she began taking courses to further perfect her skills. After a few years of creating cakes for her friends and family the demand grew too large and she opened her shop to the pleasure of everyone. With the shop being very successful, Sonja decided to begin competing in 2012. She has competed in both Germany and England. Having won silver for her sugar peonies at the British Sugar crafters Guild, her awards began. She has competed in the Tortenshow Hamburg where she won gold and best in show for her sugar creations. Her most recent success was at the Tortenshow Hamburg 2013 where she won silver in both wedding cakes and carved decorative element. Looking at her cakes one can see the true artistic ability she obtains. In her customer feedback potential consumers can find her obvious care and attention to detail, couples are very thankful and love the delicious cake flavours.

One of Sonja’s newest interest rest in artisan marshmallows. Artisan marshmallows are marshmallows with luxury flavours and toppings. Perfect for any occasion, these bite size treats are sure to please. She has graciously decided to supply our event with some of her newest creations, come to the We Do Wedding Fair and try her artisan marshmallows.

the art of cakes, cake 3In the consumer feedback section on her website, one can see the high rating she has received for her cakes. Not only in design but also in flavour. Being a small business they only create their cakes using the best ingredients. Sonja ensures her cakes will taste the best by using local organic ingredients. With the classical cake flavours of Vanilla and Chocolate, available consumers can focus on the design element of their cake. An element Sonja herself holds close to her heart. The Art of Cakes is one of the only bakeries that offers consumers Demerara Vanilla – richer than vanilla, but still just as versatile.  Demerara sugar is used instead of refined sugar. A flavour option for any couple looking for an elegant wedding cake. In comparison, for the more adventurous consumers The Art of Cakes specialises in fun delicious flavours such as Chocolate Mud – a rich, moist cake that can be made from your choice of white, milk or plain chocolate, using only top quality Finnish chocolate. Another popular flavour is Rich Fruit – a quintessentially English fruit cake traditionally served at Christmas and at weddings. Made from a variety of dried fruits and hazelnuts and generously infused with brandy. With a location in Inkoo delivery and professional set-up is possible for couples holding a wedding within 50km. One of the only bakeries to offer such an area for delivery. With the unique flavours and high quality available for consumers, The Art of Cakes is one of the best options to help create the wedding cake of your dreams. the art of cakes, cake 2 The Art of Cakes and Sonja will be at our event on May 15th from 12:00 to 18:00 where they will be displaying their works of art as well as having some free samples of their most popular wedding cake flavours for guest to try.


Visit The Art of Cakes at:




Contact The Art of Cakes at:

0400 420709

Vuoripolku 7

10210 Inkoo


Text by: Katherine Cloud





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