Grow Old Together – Proposal Idea

Grow Old Together – Proposal Idea

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If you are a fan of romance films, I guess you have had a chance to enjoy the movie The Notebook, and the touching moments in the animated film Up. In Up, it’s the admirable love that is cute but also a deeply friendship growing between Carl and Ellie. Especially in The Notebook, then you definitely have to shed tears with the undying love till the last minutes of the life being together of Noah and Allie. It is beautiful love story when two people grow up together, shared interests, together experienced many ups and downs, even separation. After all, they can patiently overcome everything, then be able to grow old together and hand in hand go to the end of life. It is amazing that anyone would desire.

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Danny and Daisy had studied in the same class and become shadow in most of all activities, and they felt in love with each other after that. Daisy is a fan of animation. She introduced the movie Up for Danny because of its cuteness. In return, Danny was a certain person wanted Daisy to see the film The Notebook. Both of them feel loved and admired those love stories. One day, Daisy felt the story of her and Danny had been long enough to tie a knot. She wanted to propose to Danny.

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In this proposal, Daisy wants to express her expectation to be able to go on writing her life adventure with Danny as the lovely story of Up, remind and create happy moments every day and be with each other till the last breath, as Noah and Allie in The Notebook. Therefore, if I have chance to set an engagement proposal plan for them relying on the concept of those movies, I will name it Grow Old Together. They will be in appearance of the elder in this proposal. You can find some of references in the board  named 60 Years of Life on my Printerest.

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Firstly, I would like to have some of their close friends to cooperate in the first step of the plan. They need to assume that the group want to make a small clip about the elder and ask Danny for play a role of an old man on that clip. Danny is a very kind and fun-loving guy. He would willingly accept it with a bit of persuasion from Daisy. After all preparation for disguising Danny into old appearance with wrinkles on the forehead, and clothes like Carl’s in Up, a friend will drive him to a wood house that we prepared. Drop the main character near the house, the friend simulates that he forgot to take some props, other people would come later on and have to let Danny go to the house in advance. After that, Danny would go to explore the house, surprise coming.

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The house is decorated with style of Up, cozy, vintage and feel like a real sweet home. It will be equipped several hidden small cameras in some corners to record this plan. Danny will be attracted to go to the kitchen area because of the smell from cakes and strawberry (Danny’s favorite favor). He will be surprised when seeing Daisy in appearance of a graceful old lady as well is standing there with a welcome tender smile. Just pretending that Daisy also attends this clip without informing Danny, she asks him to take a picture with a Polaroid camera because of their current interesting out-looking. Because this kind of camera gives an instant photo, Daisy, in some way, will put the photo into a special album book that next to her chair.

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Next, by some conservations, Daisy makes a small cup of strawberry milk tea for Danny, and take him to the tea room where are decorated by many colorful balloon floating on the ceiling and hanging down rolling papers of messages. Let’s ask Danny to naughtily explore these message together and read out loud. In these papers, there are sweet messages from Daisy, how wonderful she feel about Danny through the time they spent with each other. There are also several bad habits of Danny that Daisy remind him to abandon. It should be something fun that makes both laugh when being reminded, not for beginning an argument at this moment.

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At that time, Danny should have recognized the “extraordinary” of all affairs happening and somehow he might feel shock. Daisy just tenderly asks him to drink all the cup of tea to get back some calmness because she now has other thing to show him. Follow Daisy’s advice, Danny drinks the sweet tea to the dregs and suddenly finds out a little question printing at the bottom of the cup “Marry me?”

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Depend on reaction of Danny at that moment, it could be a pause, then Daisy gives him the book near her seat. The book have an old-looking cover with the name Our Adventure Notebook. On the first page of the album, there is the picture of Daisy and Danny taken before (by the Polaroid camera). The next will be some pictures of moments they happily spent together, following by more blank pages. Ask Danny to open until near the last page, he will be so surprised with a ring hanging on the bookmark and hiding in a small hole in the book.

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Now, Daisy can tell him what she would like to express after all of things today and say her proposal. She might express her expectation from now on can be able to everyday welcome him home with a happy smile, make him sweet things like a his favorite tea, together explore lovely messages sent from the life to write down on their adventure notebook and especially hand in hand, grow old together happily after ever (picture of a happy old couple). Now, it is time for Danny to decide to become the one who can be able to make Daisy become the happiest woman in the world. If the answer is “Yes I do” for the question in the tea cup, Danny can put the ring on Daisy’s finger.

Wish them the best!

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“There’s nothing I would rather do,

than to grow old in love with you,

the fun that being with you brings,

our memories made of little things,

the talks we have, the jokes we share,

the hugs, the kisses here and there…

what better reason could there be,

to ask you to grow old in love with me.” (Anonymous)

 – Written by Daisy –


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