My Favourite Wedding Blog -Artfully Wed

My Favourite Wedding Blog -Artfully Wed

Artfully Wed began back in 2010 as Borrowed and Bleu with the aim to inspire creativity and individual artistic moments amongst the journey towards your ‘perfect’ wedding.

The blog allows brides and grooms (yes that right ladies, grooms can and do often wish to have an input into their own wedding too) to view many sectors in accordance with creating their ‘perfect’ wedding.

The toolbar along the top enables readers to create their own virtual experience on the blog. It allows readers to view and browse examples of other couples engagements, weddings and photo shoots, whereby  the reader can gain motivation and inspiration for their perfect wedding.


Artfully Wed hyperlink their Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google + and Pinterest accounts, this enables readers who have taken an interest into the blog and enjoy the bloggers content to continue to receive inspiration through various social media sites.×390.jpg

Suggested venues,  the venues suitability can be perfectly incorporated with the readers potential/chosen theme. The venues are only suitable with readers from or who are wishing to have their wedding in North or South America.

Tips and advice are a brides new ‘best friend.’ It is a given that brides will stress over their weddings and the smallest details which must be considered, to ensure that the wedding is ‘perfect’ for the bride. Many have advised that the smallest and most personalised details are the aspects of your wedding that your attendees will remember. A very popular post within the tips and advice section of Borrowed and Blue  is, DIY Bridal Emergency Kits.

This blog post advises that a DIY Bridal Emergency Kit must include:

1. Safety pins
2. Bobby pins
3. Band aids
4. A spool of neutral color ribbon – white, ivory, black, brown
5. Straight pins
6. Deodorant
7. Scissors
8. Basic medications – pain reliever and antacid
9. Sewing kit
10. Stain remover pen or wipes

Artfully Wed emotionally connect with the bride and grooms, therefore they successfully provide and specialise in posting creative and unique blog posts that highlight to the bride and groom essential and inspiring factors. Alongside this they post many photos allowing the bride and groom to visualise the theme and potential elements to implement into their ‘perfect’ wedding.

What would you want to see from a wedding blog? What kind of advice and inspiration do you want view?

Artfully Wed

Text by Rebecca

Brenda’s Wedding Blog

Brenda’s Wedding Blog

My favourite Wedding Blog is called Brenda’s Wedding Blog. It is all about planning elegantly weddings with affordable styles. With more than 31,000 everyday readers Brenda’s Blog belongs to the top 25 wedding blogs of FlipKey. The blog published for the first time in 2005 is one of the most successful ones of the Bridal Bureau. Brenda is a mom of 2 girls, crafter, baker and a graphic designer – everything in all. Following this the contents are: beautiful real weddings, current wedding sales and promotions, latest wedding trends, hot new products. The creation of the blog is very attractive and makes the reader eager for more. On the blog in total 7 categories are to be found:

  • Wedding Blog
  • Hot Wedding Shops / Wedding Vendors I Love Guide
  • Shop / Brenda’s Marketplace aka Wedding Girl on Etsy
  • Edibles
  • About Brenda & Press
  • Feedback
  • Join the Blog aka Advertise.

Main attention lies of course on the Wedding Blog itself. Already at first sight the headings strike the eye and make it impossible NOT to read the posts. Then there follows a smaller affectionately written text (descriptions, recommendations) about dresses, decoration, locations, fashion & more which is supported with professional pictures. With the help of links inserted in the text, the reader can be passed on directly. The blog is tapped of with Giveaway Actions in which the reader can take part.

With the column Hot Wedding Shops – Wedding Vendors I Love Guide dreams of future brides are central. With the help of different categories it is possible to find different shops and wedding vendors helping to realise the dream wedding.

Shop: Brenda’s Marketplace aka Wedding Girl on Etsy – it concerns around a cooperation with the Online Shop Etsy (Wedding Girl) from which custom handmade invitations, paper goodies as well as accessories can be bought for the wedding.

Whereas Brenda cooks and bakes with passion, there is the column Edibles on her blog in which she publishes the recipes and photos of numerous tasty delicacies, cakes and pastries, up to cocktails, wine recommendations and many more! Simply delicious!

In the About Brenda column the reader can get an idea of the blogger and her life. In the column Press you find articles, internet sites or blogs where Brenda’s Blog has been mentioned already, for example Glamour Magazine.

The last both columns Feedback and Join the Blog are completing the blog.

For me the added value of this blog lies in the affectionate presentation. Because of her uploaded photo and the column About Brenda you get an impression about who is behind the posts. On the basis of personal information, for example, her real occupation as a graphic designer or being a mother of 2 girls – she allows her followers some background information about her. To take up with the different kinds of contact options (like email, real mail, Feedback Field) the appearance of a helpful, kind and interested blogger is supported.

In my opinion at least 2 interesting features exist on this blog:

N°1 – Edibles

Thanks to creative and unusual recipe ideas Brenda’s Blog reader can try out something new and try themselves different delicacies through. Thus every wedding refreshment bar becomes an eye-catcher!

N°2 – Hot Wedding Shops / Wedding Vendors I Love Guide

It’s Brenda’s plan to exile the statement: “I could never afford that for my wedding” from the heads of many brides. Brides should have the possibility to plan the wedding of their dreams – at prices they can afford. In addition you have the option of publishing your own website on the blog and therefore the chance to get in touch with more than 31,000 readers.

I have chosen this blog because I would like to indicate with how much love a blog can be formed. Brenda’s style of writing combined with professional pictures is the biggest strength of the blog. Every reader gets an impression how much work and time is behind every single post. The design is one of the principal reasons I have chosen to introduce this blog to you. You realise in many details that Brenda is a graphic designer: logo, blogdesign, layout & colours. All in all, Brenda’s Blog is more than only an inspiration for different wedding elements. It is a nice blog for women and girls who have to plan their dream weddings in future. Just feel free to have a look – and let you insprire!

Brenda’s Wedding Blog:
Brenda’s Wedding Blog:
Brenda’s Wedding Blog:


by Jennifer Steinweg


Engagement proposal: Tiffany & Co. Cupcake

Engagement proposal: Tiffany & Co. Cupcake


All those Flashmobs and musical proposal you will find on the internet made me feel very unsatisfied when I was looking for an inspirational engagement proposal. On the one hand all those proposals are very cute, but on the other hand in my opinion an engagement proposal should be something very personal and because everyone does those proposal it is very random. So I thought that my engagement idea should be very personal and maybe something that can only fit to this special couple.

Who? (with who?)

Amy (29 years old) is a young woman, who works as a journalist. She grew up in the USA in a small town near to New York. She grew up with the dream to live in her future in Manhattan in a beautiful apartment. So she worked really hard to let her dream come true.


Alexander (31 years old) is an smart man, who is an architect and loves to travel the world. He is from Germany and grew up in Münster. His life goal has always been to build his own house for his family in a big city.


Amy and Alexander met 5 years ago in New York City. Alexander was in New York for 2 weeks to write an report for his university about all those special buildings in New York. It was his first time in BigApple and so you can imagine that a young architect in a city with lots of high buildings fell really fast in love with the city. So he was just walking around the streets and looking at all those buildings and tried to note everything for his report when he finally came to Time Square where he had to stand for some couple of minutes to realize that this really happens.


At the same time, Amy’s boss gave her the task for today. She had to write about the best cupcake in New York City and she had to find one cupcake which is inspired by a brand. So Amy went to 10 high rated cupcake stores in NYC and finally got a cupcake inspired by Tiffany & Co. After getting all those different cupcakes to try them she went to the Time Square, because this is here favorite place in NYC and she wants to visit it as many times as possible. But then someone ruined her day, because a man ran accidentally into her and all the cupcakes fell to the ground and were uneatable. She was so angry and shouted at him until he was looking at him. And there was Alexander. He apologized many times and came up with the idea, that he will take the costs and go with here to every cupcake store and buy her new cupcakes.


During their day in NYC they got to know each other and after 10 cupcakes they also changed numbers.

And this was the beginning of the love story from Amy and Alexander. 2 years after their first meeting the moved together in a small apartment in a suburb from NYC.


Alexander want to make a marriage proposal to Amy after a 5 year relationship.


At their 5th anniversary.


Times Square, NYC where everything begun and a new chapter will start.


They have been in a relationship for 5 years and are truly in love with each other and the already gone through thick and thin during those past 5 years.


Alexander organized that there will be a small table and two chairs on the middle of Times Square. He tell her that they will walk through NYC for a while and then they will eat in a restaurant where he reserved. Alexander will get her to Times Square and guide her to the table and tell her to sit down. On the table are 9 cupcakes which are hidden under a scarf. He sit down aswell and start to talk about the day they first met and that he fell in love at first sight with here at this place.


Then he take the scarf away and 9 cupcakes on which stand “Will u marry me” appear. Then he will get out a little box which looks like a box from Tiffany & Co. with the last cupcake inside that they had to find again 5 years ago. He will go to his knees and gave her this box now open.The cupcake is a bit different, because at the top of it, there is now an engagement ring from Tiffany & Co.


After she said hopefully “yes” they will let the evening end with a walk back home and eating these cupcakes again together and with lots of love and happiness.


This engagement proposal is of course at a very public place, but the story and the gestures make it so personal what I wanted to have.


Text by Victoria Eggersmann


Wedding Nouveau

Wedding Nouveau

One of the great things about Wedding Nouveau is that it doesn’t just focus on traditional weddings but also introduces readers to the different styles and combinations that can come from inter-racial and cultural weddings. It features a great combination of various styles, ranging from an inter-racial classic barn wedding to an inter-cultural east Indian/Mexican fusion wedding. I think this is great as it really helps to not only inspire you but also smooth over any worries you may have. I know for sure that a few of my family members who have had inter-cultural weddings definitely had a few worries about trying to combine both of their countries traditions. For example when my British uncle married his Latvian wife, there was a lot of stress over not only merging a few different traditions together but also figuring out how to hold the ceremony in two different languages, this blog really shows how this is possible and how greatly successful such weddings can be.

If I had to choose 3 words that best describe this blog, I would go with appealing, sophisticated and easy. This blog is simply really easy to follow. What I really loved about this blog when I first read it is its professional and eye catching styling. When you first arrive at the page, your eyes are automatically drawn to all the photos. Unlike many other blogs, this one doesn’t follow the scroll down styling but has thumbnail pictures, which when clicked on take you to another page, describing the wedding in much more detail. This is great as it’s a really easy way to visit the entry about a wedding that actually speaks to you. Simply click on the picture that first catches your eye and your away.

As you can see from the image below, the amount of pictures on the page doesn’t make it look messy though, the monochrome background with the geometric picture layout make this blog look sophisticated and professional whilst also making sure its super easy to find your way around.

Wedding Nouveau


If, like me, you find yourself reading this blog and thinking that it reminds you of a magazine website, then you too are right! This blog is actually printed in a magazine format which you can buy straight from their online shop. If that’s still not enough for you, follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even YouTube as well!

This blog is not only a place of inspiration though, it also provides the details and links to the websites of many people involved in the wedding as well, such as the make-up artists, florists and the jewellers that were used etc. This is great if you live in the same area as these people, for example NYC, which is unsurprisingly featured quite a lot.

There is a fashion and décor section, a colour palette gallery, a selection of wedding invitations (I would have to go for the Oscar De La Renta ones of course!), an online store, a hard copy and all the inspiration you could desire when planning your big day. What more could you wish for really?


Text by Jessica Harrington