Engagement Concept: Above the Clouds

Engagement Concept: Above the Clouds




I was searching for a special way of proposing to your beloved person. I came across the idea of doing sky diving.


Anna is 25 years old and from England. She works in a marketing company in London. She loves travelling and exploring countries.

John is 26 years old and from Manchester, England. He works successfully in a company handling renewable energy. Before he started studying he worked for half a year in South Africa as a tour guide. He is really open-minded and loves adventures.

John and Anna met when they were on a Safari in South Africa. John was the English tour guide and Anna was one of the participants. As they were both from England, they started a conversation. Anna was also really interested in the animals and the nature they have seen. As they got along very well and both of them did not have any plans for the night, they went out for dinner. They talked and laughed the whole night. Anna had to leave in 3 days, but they spent all the days left together and John showed her around the area. John was supposed to stay in South Africa for another 3 months. They stayed in contact all the time and when he came back, they started to date. This was 5 years ago, now they live happily together.



For their 5th anniversary in summer.


Anna and John were flying back to the place they met, South Africa.


John surprised Anna with sky diving, which she always dreamed of doing. Although both of them are absolute adventure lovers, she has never done it before.


So Anna was already really excited about the sky diving and she did not even know what was waiting for her after landing. On the ground there was a sign saying: ’Anna, will you marry me?’, which she could already see when she was approaching the ground.


John will be the first one to land, so that he is able to propose properly when Anna arrives.


All this is documented as a video by the instructors, who of course knew about the proposal so that Anna will land at the spot where the sign is.

Afterwards they will celebrate their engagement by having a pick-nick in a lonely place of South Africa’s nature accompanied by a beautiful sunset.



Text by Nina Pieper


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