Rock Climbing Engagement Idea

Rock Climbing Engagement Idea

 A Rock climbing Engagement idea- Perfect for the truly adventurous.rock climbing engagement

Photo by Carl Zoch


Its always great to incorporate a part of your life together into your proposal so what better than one of your favourite hobbies. Are you an adventurous couple who love outdoor pursuits? Do you love nothing more than swapping your town shoes for your hiking boots and your duvets for sleeping bags? If so, this engagement idea may be right up your street!


Picture this, you and your girlfriend are heading out on another adventure but this time you’re not going skiing or boarding. Summer time is fast approaching and you’re going rock climbing. Your favourite climbing spot, tucked away in the mountains, hidden from the tourists and beginners. This spot is yours, the place you can’t seem to stay away from.

Climbing engagement photos- @Sam McHardy Proctor

Engagement shoot-Sam Proctor


A perfect spring day. The air is crisp and the skies are clear. Perfect for those all important panoramic views. But if your skills and abilities are up for it, why not push it to sunset. Just a few hours makes the setting much more romantic.

rock climbing engagement portrait


You start the day out like any other climbing day. You wake up early, check the weather report (it’s going to be a blue bird!), have a hearty breakfast with a nice helping of coffee, you pack your backpacks and your away.  You drive as close as you can and walk the rest of the way like you normally do. You’ll harness up and check the ring can’t fall out of your pocket (really make sure) and set off. As you start to near the top, it’s a good idea to make sure you’re in the lead. The time has come and as she climbs over that final ridge and clambers up, shell see you, down on one knee, with the best view you could possibly have. How could she say no?

Rock Climbing engagement photos by Gwendolyn Tundermann (

A rock climbing engagement. Source: Gwendolyn Tundermann

Text by Jessica Harrington


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